Disability Plates and Placards in New Jersey

New Jersey Disability License Plates and Placards

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) issues parking permits to qualifying persons with disabilities.

If you have a permanent or temporary disability, you can apply for a permit that will allow you to park in accessible parking spaces.

More information about disability placards, including how to apply for and renew them, is detailed below.

Types of NJ Disabled Placards & Plates

If you are a person with a disability in New Jersey, you can apply for:

  • A permanent placard (blue placard), with or without a wheelchair symbol license plate.
  • A temporary placard (red placard).

NOTE: Any placard or plate application must include a medical professional's certification of your disability.

With a disabled parking permit, you may:

  • Park in handicapped-accessible parking spaces.
  • Park for a maximum of 24 hours in spaces with time limits.

Apply for NJ Disability Parking

To apply for handicap accessible parking placards or license plates, you must complete an application and have your disability certified by a doctor. The application process varies based on whether you're applying for a permanent or temporary placard.

Permanent Placard or Plate

You can apply for a free permanent placard and/or a wheelchair symbol license plate:

  • By mail.
  • In person.

NOTE: When you apply for permanent placards or plates, you will also receive a “Person with a Disability" identification card. Keep this card with you.

To apply for your parking privileges, you'll need to submit:

The MVC provides complete instructions to guide you through each section of the application.

Take all of the above to your local NJ MVC office or mail it to:

Special Plate Unit
P.O. Box 015
Trenton, NJ 08666

If you apply in person, your permits will be issued while you are at the office.

For mailed-in applications, allow up to 6 weeks for your application to be processed.

Applying Through a Designee or Power of Attorney

If you cannot submit your application yourself, someone can take your application in for you IF:

  • You OR a designee with Power of Attorney signs the application. (Include the Power of Attorney if your designee signs for you.)
  • The person submitting the application presents BOTH:
    • Their identification (such as a driver's license or ID card).
    • A notarized statement giving your permission to submit the application for you.

Temporary Placard

If you have a temporary disability, you can apply for a disabled parking placard that is valid for up to 6 months.

You must apply in person to your local New Jersey police chief (NOT to the MVC).

To apply, submit:

  • A completed Application for Temporary Placard (Form SP-68).
  • Include your medical practitioner's certification ON the application.
  • Payment for the $4 fee paid by check or money order payable to “MVC."

Renewing NJ Disability Placards & Plates

All New Jersey disabled parking placards and license plates expire and must be renewed for continued use.

The expiration date and renewal process depend on the type of placard you have.

Permanent Placard or Plate Renewal

If you have permanent disabled parking privileges, you must renew your certification every 3 years. Disability placards are free to renew.

NOTE: You may also have to renew your vehicle registration in addition to re-certifying your disabled status.

To renew a permanent disabled permit, you must reapply by submitting:

You can submit your recertification in person at your local New Jersey MVC office or by mail to:

Special Plate Unit
P.O. Box 015
Trenton, NJ 08666

Temporary Disability Placard Renewal

Temporary placards are valid for up to 6 months.

If you need the temporary placard for longer, your doctor can re-certify it once only for a maximum of 6 months.

To apply for re-certification, you will need:

  • A completed Application for Temporary Placard (Form SP-68).
    • Include your medical certification ON the application.
  • Payment for the $4 fee, paid via check or money order payable to “MVC."

You have to take your recertification in person to the local chief of police (NOT the MVC).

Replace a Disability Placard in New Jersey

If your disability parking placard or license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply for a replacement.

Replace a Permanent Placard

To replace a permanent New Jersey placard that is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply in person at your local NJ MVC office.

You will need to take:

  • Proof of the placard's loss, theft, or damage:
    • A notarized statement explaining that it is lost.
    • A police report if it was stolen.
    • The damaged placard.
  • Your “Person with a Disability" ID card (issued with your placard or plate).

If your disability ID card is also lost or stolen:

  • Bring your NJ driver's license or another form of ID.
  • Include the loss or theft of your disability ID in your notarized statement or police report.

Replace a Temporary Placard

Temporary placards are issued by local police chiefs, so contact your local NJ police department to order a replacement.

Replace a Wheelchair Symbol License Plate

For information about replacement license plates, see our page on Replacing a Lost Registration in New Jersey.


Application for Vehicle License Plates and/or Placard for Persons with a Disability
Application for NJ disability license plates AND/OR placards. Must be completed by a medical practitioner.
Application for a Temporary Placard
Apply for a temporary New Jersey disabled placard. Must be completed by your doctor.
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