Dealer Forms in New Jersey

The first step to applying for a motor vehicle dealership license in New Jersey is to download the new and used dealership application forms packet (BLC-2) the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This application package contains the application form, affidavit, signature card, application for fingerprints, and supplemental application form.

You must complete all of the forms in the application packet (making sure that the owners, partners, and corporate officers submit to fingerprinting as required) and mail them to the addresses on the forms.

Once your application is received by the MVC, both you and your place of business will be fully investigated by state authorities. You will also be asked to cover the cost of the required background checks, and you should provide a copy of your receipt for this payment as part of your business application.

The fee for a wall license is $100, and 1 set of registrations and 5 dealer license plates is available for $257.50 (or $77 for 1 set of motorcycle registrations and 3 motorcycle dealer plates).

Once you are licensed to sell cars, you may also deal in leased vehicles and mopeds without obtaining any additional license.

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