Buying and Selling FAQs in New Jersey

I just saw a car I'd like to buy, but it's not in New Jersey. What's the process for bringing it here?

You'll need to visit your local Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Agency and apply for a New Jersey registration and title. Be sure to bring the current title (signed over to you) or the manufacturer's certificate of origin, as well as the bill of sale, a current odometer reading, and the Vehicle Identification Number.

My buddy just bought a cool car from Italy. Is it difficult to import a car?

Well, it's a little more difficult than going down to the corner lot, but if you do your research and keep tabs on all the paperwork involved, it shouldn't be too bad. First, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to get all the basics. Then, call the central MVC office in New Jersey (not your local office) at (609) 292-6500 or (609) 292-6500 to get specific information about your particular vehicle, and the requirements for where you live.

I've found a car in New Jersey, but I live in Delaware. Can I get a tag for it to get back home?

Sure. You'll need to get a temporary registration, valid for 30 days, at any NJ MVC Agency. Bring your current title (signed over to you), proof of your current address, and proof of insurance. The fee is $5.

How much will I pay in registration fees for my new car?

The New Jersey MVC has a detailed list of fees on its website to help you determine the amount you'll pay when registering and titling your vehicle.

I just heard about low-speed vehicles and am researching buying one. Is registration different for this kind of vehicle?

Low-speed vehicles (LSVs) are exempt from inspections and don't have to pay sales tax. The state has an entire list of guidelines for owners of LSVs.

What is the Accelerated Registration Program?

New Jersey residents who buy new passenger vehicles (motorcycles are not included) are required to register their vehicles for 4 years at a time, paying the full fees for the entire period. No refunds are given for partial use if you choose to sell your vehicle before the 4 years have passed. You are allowed to transfer the registration to another vehicle as long as the ownership remains the same. The transfer fee is $4.50.

I'll be buying my first car soon, but I don't even know where to begin researching to get the best deal. Can you help me?

Sure. The Internet and your local newspapers are great sources to learn about cars and their ratings, reliability, and prices. Check out such websites as,, and Kelley Blue Book. You'll also want to read our Buying and Selling Guide for tips on getting exactly what you want and need in a car for the price you want to pay.

I really want to buy a hybrid car, but they're expensive. Will the government give me any kind of break?

Unfortunately, the hybrid credit incentive ended on December 31, 2010, however you may be able qualify for other incentives by buying a hybrid, electric or other alternative fuel vehicle.

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