Road Trip in New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers tremendous opportunity for anyone seeking respite from city living and the constant pressure and energy of city life. Many people are drawn to dramatic views offered by its mountains, while others seek it out for its rich colonial history.

Whatever your reason for the trip, the Granite State is one of the quintessential New England destinations and offers a unique experience to enjoy.

NH Traffic Rules & Major Roads

New Hampshire's major highways:

  • Interstate 93—Hop on I-93 out of Boston and you'll head straight north into New Hampshire. This interstate stretches all the way to northern Vermont, where it feeds onto Interstate 91 toward into Canada.
  • Intersate 89—Further south, I-89 branches off from I-93 to take drivers to Vermont and local ski resorts.
  • Interstate 95—I-95 crosses New Hampshire to ferry drivers to and from Maine. It's a small stretch of road, but an important one.
  • U.S. Route 202—One of the smaller roads heading both southwest to northeast. U.S. Route 4 and U.S. Route 9 also help drivers along the east/west path toward the Vermont border.

New Hampshire's driving rules can be very specific and differ from other states in many regards. It is worthwhile to spend some time going through their regulations to ensure you will be compliant with the law if you drive to or through New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire driver handbook is a great place to start.

Things to Do in New Hampshire

The Granite State is brimming with sightseeing and activities for visitors to enjoy. Below are just a few of the areas of interest you may wish to explore.

The Beachfront

New Hampshire is very proud of its beaches, which boast state parks, a boardwalk and amusement park, and surf spots for the adventurous tourist. Check out destinations such as Ordione State Park, where the first European settlement was established in the state, as well as the very popular Hampton Beach.

Mt. Washington and Waterville Valley

It's quite common in New England to see cars with the bumper sticker boasting, “This car climbed Mt. Washington". Located in the White Mountain National Forest, Mt. Washington is the northeast's highest mountain. Heading there is almost a rite of passage, and is a common destination for locals as well as tourists.

Waterville Valley is the cradle of New Hampshire skiing. It is an important resort with great slopes. Like many ski resorts, the summer activities available are very attractive as well. Anyone who likes the outdoors—whether it's hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter—will like Waterville.

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Lakes Region

New Hampshire is home to a great number of lakes many find more pleasant than the state's Atlantic coastline. Lake shores provide gentle entry into the water for swimmers, sailors, or fishermen, and oftentimes also host great local hiking.

From high-end resorts on Lake Winnipesaukee to the many smaller hotels and cottages available, there is nothing quite like the relaxing nature of Hew Hampshire's lakes.

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