Title Transfers in New Hampshire

How to Complete a Vehicle Title Transfer in New Hampshire
  • Seller & buyer sign the title.
  • Complete the required forms. (A VIN verification may be required.)
  • Bring title and forms to the DMV.
  • Pay the $25 title transfer fee. Continue reading for more details.

New to New Hampshire?

Once you establish residency in New Hampshire you'll have 60 days to transfer your registration and title for your out-of-state vehicle. For complete instructions, visit our Car Registration in NH page.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle in NH

Buying from a Private Seller

If you buy a used vehicle from a private seller in New Hampshire, you will need the following to complete an auto title transfer:

  • Completed title, unless the vehicle is exempt. If the vehicle is exempt from having a title, you must provide a Bill of Sale AND:
    • A NH registration certificate.
    • A valid title certificate.
  • A completed Verification of Vehicle Identification (Form TDMV 19A), if required.
    • Visit the NH DMV website to see if this is required for your vehicle.
  • Payment for the $25 car title transfer fee.

Take the above items to your local New Hampshire town/city clerk's office to apply for the auto title transfer.

NOTE: Make sure the seller has signed the title.

You will likely complete the vehicle registration process at the same time as the DMV title transfer. Visit our NH Car Registration page for a complete list of documents and fees you will need.

Buying from a Dealership

If you purchase a vehicle from a dealer in New Hampshire, the dealer is responsible for completing the title application and submitting it to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to complete the vehicle title transfer. They will also submit the DMV title transfer fee on your behalf.

The dealer will then give you a copy of the title application that you'll need to bring to your NH town or city clerk's office to register the vehicle.

Out-of-State Dealers

If you bought your car from a dealer outside of NH, apply for the DMV title transfer by visiting your local New Hampshire town/city clerk's office with:

  • The vehicle's Certificate of Origin OR title certificate.
  • A completed Verification of Vehicle Identification (Form TDMV 19A), if applicable.
    • The NH DMV website lists vehicles that require a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification.
  • Payment for the car title transfer fee: $25.

NOTE: You will also need to register your car in NH. Visit our Car Registrations page for complete instructions and required fees.

Selling a Vehicle

If you're selling a car in New Hampshire, you'll need to provide the buyer with the following items so they can apply for the auto title transfer:

  • Title certificate signed over to the buyer.
    • Make sure you sign the title and include the current odometer reading.
  • If the vehicle is exempt from a title, you will need to provide:

NOTE: It is the buyer's responsibility to complete the car title transfer with the NH DMV and pay the title transfer fee.

Gifting, Donation, or Inheriting a Vehicle

Gifted Vehicles

If you've received a vehicle as a gift or it's being transferred to you from a family member, you'll still need to complete a car title transfer with the NH DMV. The process is likely similar to that of an auto title transfer between a buyer and seller explained above; however, you may be exempt from sales tax.

Contact the New Hampshire DMV for specific instructions.

Inherited Vehicles

If you've inherited a vehicle, the DMV title transfer process may require additional documents, such as:

  • Proof of the inheritance.
  • Title certificate signed by the executor of the estate.
  • Death certificate.

For more information, please contact the NH DMV.

Donating a Vehicle

If you're interested in donating your vehicle to a non-profit or charity organizations, you may find our Car Donations page useful. The auto title transfer process may be similar to that of a gifted vehicle, and you may also receive some tax benefits.

Military Member Auto Title Transfers

If you're an active-duty member of the U.S. military you're entitled to some exemptions when it comes to vehicle registrations and licensing.

For more information, please refer to our Military Drivers in New Hampshire page.

Contact the New Hampshire DMV directly to find out if you're exempt from any vehicle title transfer requirements.

Change NH Title Information

You will need to update your vehicle title if you need to make corrections or you've had a name change.

Take your current NH title certificate to your local NH town or city clerk's office to change the information on your title.

You will then need to submit the following to the NH DMV (the town/city clerk may do this for you):

  • Completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form TDMV 23A), provided by the town/city clerk.
  • Certificate of title.
  • Reason for the change.
  • Payment for the $25 fee.

Ask the NH town clerk or the DMV for any additional documents you may need.

For more information about changing your name with the NH DMV, visit our Name Change page.

Remove a Lien from a Title

If you've finished paying of a lien and would like a new title in your name, you will need:

Take the above in person to a NH DMV office or mail it to:

Department of Safety
Bureau of Title and Anti-Theft
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

NOTE: Contact the New Hampshire DMV office you plan on visiting beforehand to make sure they process duplicate title applications.

Replace a New Hampshire Title

If you have misplaced or lost your vehicle title, you'll need to get a replacement. For complete instructions, please refer to our Replacing a Lost Title in New Hampshire page.


Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Request a replacement vehicle title from the NH Division of Motor Vehicles. Can also be used to release a lien.
Title Application
Apply for a new vehicle title with the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. Form only available at town/county clerk offices. Not available online
Release of Lien or Other Encumbrances
Complete this form when transferring ownership of a vehicle without a New Hampshire car title.
Verification of Vehicle Identification
If required, have an approved officer (listed on the form) verify your vehicle identification number (VIN) and complete this form for title and registration purposes.
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