Types of Special License Plates in New Hampshire

SUMMARY: New Hampshire Special License Plates

New Hampshire residents can get vanity plates as well as special plates for conservation, military service, and antique vehicles. Fees for special plates vary based on the plate type.

Continue reading this page to learn more about the special license plates available from the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

NOTE: Looking for disabled parking tags? Our Disability Placards and Plates page has more information.

How to Get Vanity Plates in New Hampshire

A vanity plate is a custom tag that allows you to create your own license plate number.

Standard NH plates and most special plates can be personalized.

Rules for Custom Plates

The NH DMV has a number of rules for custom plates.

You vanity plate can use ONLY:

  • Letters (required).
  • Numbers.
  • The following special characters, but NOT more than 1 character in a row:
    • Ampersand (&).
    • Plus sign (+).
    • Minus sign (-).

A vanity plate CANNOT replicate or resemble an existing plate. You can check availability on the NH DMV Plate Check website, but availability does not mean the plate will be approved.

Custom tags CANNOT use prohibited language. The NH DMV does not approve letter/number combinations that:

  • Appear to connect the plate to a government agency.
  • Could be mistaken for other characters.
  • Use vulgar, violent, illegal, or bigoted terms, even if they're spelled in reverse or phonetically.

Applying for Vanity Plates

NH vanity plates are available for order for an additional yearly fee provided below.

Before you apply, you can use the NH DMV online Plate Check to see if the combination you want is available.

To order a vanity (personalized) plate:

  • Complete an Application for Vanity Plates (Form RDMV 120).
    • Select the vanity plate you want.
    • Provide your message choices and their intended meanings.
  • Mail or bring the application and payment to the address on the form.

Once the Concord office has your application, they will review and either approve or reject your plate request.

While your request is reviewed, you may continue to use your current plates.

Fees for NH Vanity Plates

Vanity plates cost more than standard plates.

To order a vanity plate, you will pay:

To renew a vanity plate, you'll pay:

If you personalize a special plate, you will have to pay BOTH the personalization fee AND the special plate fee.

Other Types of NH Special Plates

Conservation & State Parks Plates

The NH DMV offers special state parks and conservation license plates. Some of these come with admission to many of New Hampshire's state parks.

Current available plates are:

  • The Conservation (Moose) plate.
  • The State Park plate, which allows admission to most of NH's state parks.
  • The Conservation Parks plate, which is a combination of the above plates.

You will pay special fees IN ADDITION to standard registration and renewal fees:

  • Conservation (Moose) plate: $30 annual fee.
  • State Park plate: $85 annual fee.
  • Conservation Parks plate: $85 annual parks fee AND $30 annual conservation fee.

You will also pay a one-time $8 plate fee when you order any of these plates.

New Hampshire parks and conservation plates are available as vanity plates for additional personalization fees.

See Applying for Special Plates in NH for application information.

Military Honor Plates in NH

You can obtain military plates that show your service, combat experience, or honors.

  • Active Duty Military plate.
    • Also available as a vanity plate.
  • Former Prisoner of War tag.
  • National Guard license plate.
    • Also available as a vanity plate.
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor tag.
    • Also available as a vanity plate.
  • Purple Heart license plate.
    • Also available as a vanity plate, motorcycle plate, and motorcycle vanity plate.
  • Veteran license plate.
    • Also available as a vanity plate, motorcycle plate, and motorcycle vanity plate.
  • See our Disability Placards & Plates in NH page for disabled veteran plates.

You're eligible for a military plate if your service record verifies your status, experience, or honor.

You must have proof of eligibility, such as:

  • Your discharge papers.
  • Your military ID.
  • A verification letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

You'll pay standard registration fees for NH military plates. For application details, see Applying for Special Plates.

Vintage Plates in New Hampshire

If you have a historic car, truck, motorcycle, or trailer, you can get an antique plate from the NH DMV. Street rod plates are also available.

Antique plates can be issued to vehicles:

  • More than 25 years old.
  • Used ONLY for exhibitions, club events, and public events.

Street Rod plates are issued for vehicles that have been certified as street rods by the state police.

To learn more about fees for antique and street rod plates, contact the NH DMV:

Both plate types can be personalized for an additional fee. See below for application information.

Applying for New Hampshire Special Plates

To apply for your desired type of special plate:

  • Visit the DMV website to select your plate type and find:
    • Eligibility requirements.
    • Required documentation.
    • Locations that issue your plate.
      • Many plates are issued at all DMV offices; however, some are only provided at specific locations.
  • Pay the applicable fees:

Changing Your Plate Mid-Year

If you wish to change your plate type during your registration year, you'll need to take all the steps outlined above AND complete an Application for Replacement Plates and/or Decals (Form RDMV 125).

Renew, Replace, or Transfer Plates

Renewing Special Plates

You'll renew your plates when you renew your vehicle registration. The initial plate fee of $8 will typically not apply; however, some special plates have additional renewal fees. You'll find fee information in the plate sections above.

To learn more, visit our page on registration renewal in New Hampshire.

Replacing Special Plates

To replace your plates if they were lost, stolen, or damaged:

NOTE: You may only keep your plate number if you are surrendering at least 1 plate with the application. If your plates were stolen, you are required to get a new number.

Transferring Special Plates

You can transfer your NH plates to another vehicle you own when you register your new vehicle.

NOTE: You must never transfer your plates to the buyer of your vehicle if you sell it.


RDMV 125
Application for Replacement Plates and Decals
Request replacement license plates AND/OR vehicle registration decals from the New Hampshire DMV if the originals were stolen, lost, destroyed, or traded.
RDMV 120
Application for Vanity Plates
Apply for specialty AND/OR vanity New Hampshire license plates with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
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