Replacing a Lost Registration in New Hampshire

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Replace a Lost New Hampshire Registration

To replace your registration, license plate stickers (decals), or license plates in New Hampshire, you will be required to submit a form as well as pay a fee to obtain the new copies.

The form for the replacement plates or decals will ask you what happened to the originals, so it is important that you report the originals as lost or stolen to the local authorities.

Once the application for a new plate has been received, then you'll be issued replacements.

The forms and fees for obtaining a replacement registration, decals, or license plates are straightforward and can be handled at a New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office or by mail.

New Hampshire Registration Replacement

You can replace lost New Hampshire registration materials:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

You can request a replacement for your:

  • Registration card.
  • License plate or plates.
  • Decal.

If you need to replace a lost or stolen vehicle title, see our page Replacing a Lost Title in New Hampshire.

Duplicate Registration

If you need to replace the registration card for your vehicle, you will need to submit an Application for Copy of Registration (Form RDMV 110). You can submit your application:

You will also need to pay a $15 fee for the new registration card.

Duplicate License Plates or Decals

If you need to replace one or both of your license plates or the decal for your license plate, you will have to submit an Application for Replacement Plates and/or Decals (Form RDMV 125) either:

  • In person at your local registration office.
    • You'll be able to get a temporary or permanent replacement right away depending on how many license plates you need.
  • By mail to the address on the form.
    • You'll have to wait for the replacement to arrive by mail.

This form will ask you to provide descriptive information about your vehicle, including:

  • The year, make, and model.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • The license plate number.

Each license plate costs $4 to replace. You will get:

  • A temporary paper tag and permit if you need a single license plate, and your permanent replacement will arrive by mail.
  • New, permanent replacement plates immediately if both license plates were lost or stolen.

If you only need new decals, there will be a $1 fee.

NOTE: Be sure to report lost or stolen license plates or decals to the NH Police Department BEFORE applying for a replacement from the DMV.

Out of State Replacement

If your registration, license plates, or decals are lost or stolen while you are outside of New Hampshire, you can submit your replacement requests by mail.

You can call the NH police to report the loss or theft, which is required for replacement license plates or decals. You may also need to contact local law enforcement where the loss or theft occurred.

Reporting Lost NH Tags

If your license plates decals have been lost or stolen, you will need to report the theft or loss to the New Hampshire Police Department.

In order to obtain a replacement plates or decals, you will have to include on your form:

  • The reason you need a replacement.
  • The law enforcement agent you reported the loss to.

This can help protect you in case anyone commits an offense in a vehicle using your tags or registration.


RDMV 110
Application for Copy of Registration
Request a replacement vehicle or vessel registration card from the New Hampshire DMV if the original was lost, destroyed, illegible, or needs correcting.
RDMV 125
Application for Replacement Plates and Decals
Request replacement license plates AND/OR vehicle registration decals from the New Hampshire DMV if the originals were stolen, lost, destroyed, or traded.

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