Replacing a Lost Registration in New Hampshire

Replace a Lost New Hampshire Registration

Losing something can cause a touch of anxiety, but not being able to locate a document as important as your vehicle registration can make it feel like your heart has dropped to your stomach. Don’t worry: the process of replacing your lost or stolen vehicle registration in New Hampshire is a pretty straightforward process. Read on to learn how to obtain duplicate registration from the NH Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Stolen Registrations or Plates

If your registration was stolen, it’s highly recommended you report it to your local NH police department to prevent any chance of identity theft.

If your license plate was stolen, the DMV REQUIRES you to report the theft.

NH Replacement Registrations

You can obtain a duplicate New Hampshire registration card either in person or by mail. You will follow the same process for replacing your registration regardless of if your registration is lost, stolen*, or damaged.

You’ll need to submit:

  • A completed Application for Copy of Registration (Form RDMV110). Make sure to include your:
    • Plate type and number.
    • Decal number.
    • Expiration date.
  • Payment for the $15 replacement fee.
    • If you’re submitting by mail, make sure to send a check; NOT cash.

Turn in your items:

*NOTE: If your registration was stolen, the NH DMV does not require you to report it to either the police or the Division. HOWEVER, it’s highly recommended you report it to your local NH police department to prevent any chance of identity theft.

Out-of-State Replacements

If you are out of state when you realize your New Hampshire registration is missing, don’t panic. Follow the steps above regarding replacing your registration by mail.

Check with your local DMV to find out if you should provide an out-of-state address on your form, or whether your registration will be sent to an address they have on file for you.

Duplicate NH License Plates or Decals

If your NH license plate or registration sticker is damaged, lost, or stolen, you’ll need to replace your item in person at your local DMV office. You’re also REQUIRED to report the theft to your local NH police department before applying for replacement plates and/or tags.

Our guide to license plates in New Hampshire has the details you need.


Application for Copy of Registration
Request a replacement vehicle or vessel registration card from the New Hampshire DMV if the original was lost, destroyed, illegible, or needs correcting.
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