Organ Donation in New Hampshire

Organ Donation in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Donor Registry is responsible for the registration of organ and tissue donors in New Hampshire.

You can also register to become an organ and tissue donor in New Hampshire at the Donate Life New England Donor Registry website and through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Register as an Organ Donor in NH

You can register to become an organ donor in New Hampshire either online or in person at your local NH DMV office.

There is no fee to become an organ and tissue donor in the state. In addition, your family is not charged and neither is your estate for any of the services related to your organ and tissue donation.


You can become a tissue and organ donor in New Hampshire by:

  • Registering online with Donate Life New England.
  • Signing up with to register in NH as well as have your information added to a nationwide database.

NOTE: You do not need a driver's license or identification card to register with Donate Life New England. You will need to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number to complete this form.

In Person

You can also register as a tissue and organ donor in New Hampshire when you apply for or renew your New Hampshire driver's license.

NOTE: Remember to renew your organ and tissue donor status in New Hampshire each time you update or renew your driver's license or identification card.

Update Your Organ Donation Status

You can use the Donor Life New England online registration form to update your organ and tissue donor profile in New Hampshire.

To change your donation information on your NH driver's license or identification card:

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

In addition to registering as an organ donor in NH, you can:

  • Volunteer at the New England Donor Services (NEOB) to help educate the public about the importance of tissue and organ donation in New Hampshire. Contact the Volunteer Support Team to learn more about becoming a volunteer.
  • Make a monetary donation to the NEOB by completing the donation form and mailing it with your financial gift to:
    • New England Donor Services
    • 60 First Avenue
    • Waltham, MA 02451
  • Make a monetary donation to NEOB using your PayPal account or credit card.
  • Donate online to Lifeline.

Additional Recommendations

Organ donation is a topic you may not like to think about. However, you should discuss your feelings and decisions about organ donation with your family, friends, and doctor. If you are involved in a fatal accident, it's important for your wishes to be clear and in writing, so the doctors and your family know what to do.

Moreover, with 40,000 auto accidents reported to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) every year, severe injuries and fatalities do occur and many life-saving organs are going to waste. Tell your friends and family how much of an impact they can make by registering as an organ donor.


Record Change Request
Request a change to the personal information (e.g. address, name, donor registration) on your driver and vehicle records with the DMV.
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