Online Services in New Hampshire

Not all driving-related transactions require a trip to your local DMV office. Sometimes, New Hampshire residents can tackle these tasks online.

Typically, driver services are handled through Driver Licensing, part of New Hampshire's Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is itself part of the NH Department of Safety. The state lists all of its online services on its DMV website.

But there are plenty more actions you can take online with help from private companies. Check out the complete list of online driver and vehicle services below and possibly free yourself from the hassle of standing in line.

New Hampshire Vehicle Services

To drive legally in the U.S., your car will need a number of up-to-date documents. There's little you can do online through the New Hampshire DMV, but plenty of opportunities to manage your documents with the help of private companies, including:

  • Order auto insurance.
    • The most basic of vehicle needs, car insurance can only be purchased with the help of outside carriers. Luckily, the process can be done simply and quickly online.
  • Find motorcycle insurance.
    • Insurance is also compulsory for motorcycles, so before you hit the open road, cruise the internet to find the perfect policy.
  • Get a vehicle history report and VIN check.
    • "Let the buyer beware" is rarely more accurate than when it applies to purchasing a used vehicle. Take the scariness out of the process by learning as much as you can first with the help of a vehicle history report. You can order a vehicle history report for:
    • Cars.
    • Motorcycles.
    • RVs.
  • Order a VIN check.
    • Another tool you can use to find out the secrets of a car you're interested in purchasing that a seller may be loathe to reveal, VIN checks can be easily purchased from your computer.

NH License & Personal Records

Your car isn't the only one needing up-to-date paperwork. You'll need to get your license, and that process requires showing other personal records, as well. You may also want to dig deeper into your history for other reasons. No matter the case, you'll have plenty of online options both through the NH DMV and private companies.


  • Renew your New Hampshire driver's license.

Third Parties

  • Look up driving records.
    • Want to know what insurance companies think of you? This report will give you a good idea. You can order one quickly and easily without ever leaving home.
  • Prevent identity theft.
    • As more information is being handled online, your private details have become increasingly vulnerable to hackers. Don't let someone else pry into your personal information. Be proactive about protecting yourself.
  • Change your name.
    • Getting a new name can be scary and exciting, but changing the moniker on your IDs doesn't have to be. An experienced private company can take those steps for you.
  • Commission a background check.
    • Putting this document together can be enormously complicated and time-consuming. Save yourself the stress by hiring an outside company to compile the paperwork, all while sitting at home.
  • Obtain a criminal record check.
    • Putting one of these together by yourself is so difficult it should be considered—well, criminal. Take the easy way out by letting a professional business do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Find court records.
    • Digging through these types of records can be difficult for anyone who doesn't know the protocol. Let an experienced company do the work for you and make sure you don't miss out on any information.
  • Get public records.
    • Just because they're public doesn't mean they're easy to locate. A third-party vendor specializing in finding the right material could be a much faster and easier way to get the records you want.
  • Order vital records.
    • They're not called "vital" for no reason. You need these records to get most other forms of identification. Make sure you get them quickly with the help of an outside company.
    • Birth records.
    • Death records.
    • Divorce records.
    • Marriage records.
  • Get your international driver's permit.
    • Planning an overseas trip is complicated enough. Let someone else take care of this final detail to make sure you can drive when you arrive.

Driver's Ed in New Hampshire

Driving courses and practice materials can help you save time, money, and maybe even lives. Read below to see the information available in New Hampshire:

NH Miscellaneous Services

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can take care of from home, both through the New Hampshire DMV and with the help of outside companies.


  • Pay a traffic ticket.

Third Parties

  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • Facing a charge this serious is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. Make sure you have someone on your side throughout the process, who can help you get through the situation as best as possible.
  • Fast-track your passport.
    • Hot deals on international flights are fleeting. Unfortunately, getting your passport processed is not. Don't cancel your trip because you won't have the documentation in time. An experienced vendor will be able to get your passport to you much faster.
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