Motorcycle Registration in New Hampshire

Before you can legally ride your motorcycle on New Hampshire roads, you must register it with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). On this page, we'll teach you about motorcycle registration for new NH residents AND current residents who recently bought a bike.

Looking to renew your motorcycle's registration? Check out our NH registration renewals guide!

New to New Hampshire

After establishing New Hampshire residency, you'll have 60 days to register your motorcycle with the DMV. Head to your town or city clerk's office with:

  • Your motorcycle's current title and registration.
    • For leased motorcycles, you will also need to bring:
  • Your lease agreement.
  • The lienholder's name and address.
  • Acceptable proof of NH residency.
  • Payment for the $15 registration fee PLUS any other applicable fees.

You'll then need to complete a safety inspection within 10 days of your motorcycle's registration date. For more information on New Hampshire's emission and safety requirements, please visit our New Hampshire inspections guide.

Registering Your NH Motorcycle

The process for registering your motorcycle with the NH Division of Motor Vehicles differs depending on whether you purchased the bike from a dealership OR from a private seller.

Dealership Purchases

When you purchase a motorcycle at a New Hampshire dealership, the dealership will issue you a temporary license plates valid for 20 days. This gives you time to apply for your permanent registration and plates.

Visit your city or town clerk's office with:

  • Your motorcycle's certificate of title OR the blue copies of your title application.
  • If applicable, a copy of the lease agreement AND the lienholder's name and address.
  • Acceptable proof of residency.
  • The $15 motorcycle registration fee, plus any other applicable fees.

Even though you aren't required to show proof of motorcycle insurance to register your bike, having some form of coverage will give you peace of mind and protection for your wallet. Head over to our guide on NH motorcycle insurance requirements for more.

NOTE: You will need to complete a safety inspection on your motorcycle within 10 days of its registration date. Head over to our New Hampshire car inspections page for details.

Private Purchases

After buying a motorcycle from a private seller, consider applying for a temporary license plates so you can legally ride while completing the process for permanent motorcycle registration.

Temporary motorcycle registration permits are valid for 20 days and can be obtained by presenting the following items at your local DMV office:

  • The acceptable paperwork to prove your identity.
  • A completed bill of sale.
  • Payment for the $10 fee.

To officially register your motorcycle with the DMV, take the following items to your city or town clerk's office:

You will need to have your motorcycle inspected within 10 days of its registration date. See our car inspections guide for more on NH safety and emissions requirements.

NH Motorcycle Registration Fees

Before you pay NH state fees for initial motorcycle registration, you must pay all city or town fees, which can vary. Contact the clerk's office in your city or town of New Hampshire residence for details on what fees you may owe.

You may then pay the required state fees when you register your motorcycle with the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles:

  • Motorcycle registration: $15.
    • Antique motorcycles: $2.40.
  • Temporary registration: $10 (Private seller only).
  • License plate: $8.
  • City fee (motorcycles): $2.
  • Motorcycle inspections/emissions: Ranges from $20 to $50.


Odometer Disclosure Statement
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