Motorcycle Manual in New Hampshire

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SUMMARY: New Hampshire Motorcycle Manual

In the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Motorcycle Operator Manual (12th Edition), you will find details about traffic laws and motorcycle licensing requirements, including the motorcycle knowledge exam and road skills test.

Continue reading this page for more details about the NH motorcycle manual.

Study the NH Motorcycle Operator Manual

To learn about important safety tips and traffic rules to help you study for the written and road skills tests, you can read the New Hampshire Motorcycle Operator Manual(12th Edition). In it, you'll find specific information about a variety of motorcycle-related topics, such as:

  • Basic vehicle control (e.g., shifting, braking, turning, etc.)
  • Motorcycle gear and helmets.
  • Blind intersections.
  • Lane sharing.
  • Carrying passengers.
  • Using your mirrors.
  • Riding in a group.

DMV Motorcycle Written & Skills Exam

NOTE: If you successfully pass a NH Motorcycle Rider Training Program, you will not be required to take the road test.

To obtain a motorcycle driver's license in New Hampshire, you must pass both written knowledge and on-cycle skills tests. You'll need to learn all about the road rules and safe driving practices by reading the Motorcycle Operator Manual(12th Edition).

During the skills test, you'll be required to perform the following maneuvers and techniques:

  • Basic vehicle control.
  • Crash avoidance techniques.
  • Accelerating, braking, and turning.
  • Stopping, turning, and swerving.
  • Selecting safe speeds to perform maneuvers.
  • Staying within boundaries.

For more information about applying for your motorcycle endorsement, visit our Motorcycle License in New Hampshire page.

Free NH Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Prior to taking the written exam at your local New Hampshire DMV office, try a few practice questions to test your knowledge.

Sample New Hampshire Motorcycle Test Question #1

Wearing a shatter-resistant face shield:

a) Is not needed if you have a windshield.
b) Only protects your eyes.
c) Does not protect your face as well as goggles.
d) Is helpful in protecting your entire face.

(Answer: d)

Sample New Hampshire Motorcycle Test Question #2

Approximately how much power do the front brakes supply?

a) All of the power.
b) 1/4 of the power.
c) 1/2 of the power.
d) 3/4 of the power.

(Answer: d)

Sample New Hampshire Motorcycle Test Question #3

The minimum distance to keep in between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead is:

a) 1 second.
b) 2 seconds.
c) 4 seconds.
d) 6 seconds.

(Answer: b)

Once you're finished reading the New Hampshire Motorcycle Operator Manual(12th Edition), you can take a DMV motorcycle practice test or obtain a printable a NH DMV study guide for further preparation.

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