DMV Forms in New Hampshire

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has posted many motor vehicle-related forms on their website. Additionally, you can get forms at most DMV substations or even through the mail by request.

New Hampshire's forms page is dedicated to forms you might need when registering your vehicle, applying for your driver's license, reporting an accident, or transferring a title. Each form is available using the free Adobe Reader.

Driver Licensing Forms

The New Hampshire Driver's Application (Form DSMV450), a multipurpose form that covers applying for, renewing, replacing, and obtaining duplicates of driver licenses and ID cards, is is available online. Another popular form you can get online is the Commercial Drivers License Application (Form DSMV 312.

If you are out of state at license renewal time you can use the DMV website to download the driver's application and also the special Eye Exam Form (Form DSMV 61). If you are not sure which forms you need for renewal you can review the license renewal information.

When your name or address changes, the DMV wants to know within 10 days of the change. The Record Change Request (Form DSMV 30) is available for download.

Title Forms

A common title form needed by New Hampshire drivers and registrants is the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form TDMV 18) because so many people can't find the title when they are ready to sell or trade the vehicle.

Many vehicles, mostly older cars, fall into the title exempt category. The form required to register a title exempt vehicle is available online―the Verification of Vehicle Identification (Form TDMV 19A) of your untitled vehicle.

Accident Forms

In New Hampshire, any accident where the damage is estimated at $1,000 or more, someone dies or is injured, must be filed on the Motor Vehicle Accident Report (Form DSMV 400) and mailed to the Bureau of Financial Responsibility. Because New Hampshire doesn't require automobile insurance of every driver, the state keeps track of accidents and who pays.

Accident statistics are kept by the Bureau of Financial Responsibility and the source for their data is your accident report. You can grab the form at any DMV Substation and most local police departments. Of course, it is also conveniently available for download on the DMV website.

Remember To Use The Right Form

The New Hampshire New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles handles a massive amount of paperwork and only a few DMV transactions are currently done online. To ensure a smooth and successful transaction you must use the proper form.

The Title Bureau has many forms posted on the NH DMV website. If the form you need is not online, visit a DMV Substation, your local town clerk, or DMV Headquarters.

The DMV substations have a good supply of forms. A benefit of getting the forms in person at a DMV substation is that you can also have your questions answered if the licensing desk isn't too busy. BBB Business Review