Applying for Special Plates in New Hampshire

SUMMARY: Apply for a Special New Hampshire License Plate

To order a specialty plate in New Hampshire, check out the requirements for your plate type online, and visit the DMV location that issues your plate. Specialty plates can also be personalized for an additional fee. Your special plates can be renewed along with your vehicle registration. Fees vary based on the type of plate you choose.

Applying for Special Plates in New Hampshire

To apply for your desired type of special plate:

  • Visit the DMV website to select your plate type and find:
    • Eligibility requirements.
    • Required documentation.
    • Locations that issue your plate.
      • Many plates are issued at any Division of Motor Vehicles office; however, some are only provided at specific locations.
  • Pay the applicable fees:

Changing Your Plate Mid-Year

If you wish to change your plate type during your registration year, you'll need to take all the steps outlined above AND complete an Application for Replacement Plates and/or Decals (Form RDMV 125).

Vanity Plates

NH vanity plates are available for order for an additional yearly fee. To order a vanity (personalized) plate:

  • Complete an Application for Vanity Plates (Form RDMV 120).
    • Select the vanity plate you want.
    • Provide 3 message choices and their intended meanings.
  • Mail or bring the application and fee payment to the address on the form.

Once the Concord office has your application, they will review and either approve or reject your plate request.

While your request is reviewed, you may continue to use your current plates (or, if you're renewing your registration you can request a numbered plate to use in the meantime).

Checking Plate Availability

To ensure your plate request gets approved, you can check your vanity plate availability online before applying.

Select your vehicle and plate type and then insert your requested message/number to see if it's available.

Renewing, Replacing, or Transferring NH Special Plates

Renewing Special Plates

You'll renew your plates when you renew your vehicle registration. The initial plate fee of $8 will typically not apply; however, plate-specific fees, such as those for vanity plates, will be required upon renewal.

To learn more, visit our page on registration renewal in NH.

Replacing Special Plates

To replace your plates if they were lost, stolen, or damaged:

NOTE: You may only keep your plate number if you are surrendering at least 1 plate with the application. If your plates were stolen, you are required to get a new number.

Transferring Special Plates

You can transfer your NH plates to another vehicle you own when you register your new vehicle.

NOTE: You must never transfer your plates to the buyer of your vehicle if you sell it.

NH Special Plate Fees

Fees for NH plates apply as follows:

  • Plate fee: $8.
    • Applies at first registration and any time you change your plate mid-year.
  • Vanity plates: $40 per year.
    • Fee is prorated by the number of months you are registering your car.
  • Conservation (moose) plates: $30 per year.
  • State parks plates: $85 per year.
  • Conservation parks plates: $85 per year for the state parks plus $30 per year for conservation.


RDMV 125
Application for Replacement Plates and Decals
Request replacement license plates AND/OR vehicle registration decals from the New Hampshire DMV if the originals were stolen, lost, destroyed, or traded.
RDMV 120
Application for Vanity Plates
Apply for specialty AND/OR vanity New Hampshire license plates with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
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