Traffic Ticket FAQ in Nebraska

What's my next step after getting ticketed?

Decide on how to plea. In Nebraska you have two plea options: "guilty" and "not guilty." You may plead guilty by submitting your payment before the appearance date listed on your citation. If you opt to challenge the ticket, appear in court on the day and time posted on your citation.

What if I have a scheduling conflict with the court date?

Contact the court listed on your citation as soon as possible. Provided you call far enough ahead, most courts will accommodate by scheduling a new court date.

Will points be added to my driving record?

Yes, points will be assigned to your driving record. The more severe the violation, the higher the point total.

Is there any way I can remove points from my record?

Yes. Learn more by visiting our Defensive Driving section.

How many points are you allowed before losing your driver's license?

The Nebraska DMV will automatically revoke your driver's license if you accumulate 12 points within a 2 year period.

What is Nebraska's Safety Training Option Program (S.T.O.P.)?

Currently only a few select counties and cities offer S.T.O.P.. It allows you to have a ticket fine waived and points dismissed by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. Only certain traffic offenses are eligible.

Why should I check my driving record?

It's always wise to check your driving record for accuracy after receiving a citation. Verify that the point amount and listed violations are correct. Any errors could cause the loss of your NB driver's license and/or cause of spike in car insurance rates. Plus, knowing where you stand with points may prompt you to enroll in a defensive driving course to have points removed.

How much will it cost if I challenge my ticket?

It depends. You will definitely have to pay court fees. In addition, if you hire a traffic ticket attorney, you'll need to pay legal fees, and if you subpoena witnesses, you'll need to pay witness fees.

What happens if I ignore my ticket?

Your NB driver's license will be suspended and you may even be issued a bench warrant for your arrest.

If I can't pay the traffic ticket fine, can I arrange for a payment plan?

This will depend on the court. Most courts are open to payment plan arrangements. To find out, call the presiding court.

Should I hire a traffic ticket attorney?

Hiring legal counsel will improve your chances for having charges reduced or dismissed. An experienced traffic ticket attorney's advice could mean the difference between driving or losing your license.

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