Car Inspection in Nebraska

While Nebraska doesn't require an emissions test or safety inspection, it DOES require a VIN inspection for registration purposes, along with an odometer reading. Certain vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

New to Nebraska

You must have your vehicle inspected before you title and register your vehicle with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. You have 30 days after moving to Nebraska to complete these actions.

Nebraska Vehicle Inspections

Nebraska doesn't require smog or emissions inspections, but it does require vehicle inspections for vehicle registration. These inspections check the vehicle identification number (VIN) against the current title and/or registration, as well as the odometer reading*.

* The odometer reading is for the County Sheriff's Office's purposes and won't determine whether your vehicle passes or fails.

NOTE: Although Nebraska doesn't require smog and emissions inspections, you and the planet can benefit from choosing eco-friendly vehicles and practicing greener driving habits. Refer to our sections on green driver incentives and green driving laws and regulations for more information.

Inspection Requirements & Exemptions

Unless your vehicle is exempt, all vehicles undergo the same inspection process for vehicle registration. These vehicles include:

  • Vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), minibikes, and trailers moved in from out of state.
  • Assembled vehicles, ATVs, and minibikes.
  • ATVs and minibikes without titles.
  • A vehicle, ATV, or minibike with a Salvage Certificate of Title, IF you're making an application for a regular Certificate of Title.
    • NOTE: This title henceforth will be branded “Previously Salvaged."
  • Vehicles in need of Assigned ID numbers or vehicle identification numbers (VINs).
  • Any vehicle the Nebraska DMV or County Sheriff's Office decides needs an inspection to determine whether the it meets the definition of a motor vehicle.

Inspection Requirements

You'll have your vehicle inspected at your County Sheriff's Office:

  • Present a vehicle with all major components properly attached to the vehicle.
  • Produce ownership documentation. (If there is a lien on the vehicle, you must ask the appropriate county official to contact the lien holder or leasing company and request a copy of the title. You can't have your vehicle inspected until this copy arrives.)
  • Pay the $10 inspection fee.
  • Present the completed and signed inspection form, your Application for Certificate of Title (Form RV-707), and any of the applicable following to your local county official:
    • A properly assigned out-of-state Certificate of Title.
    • The Bill of Sale and/or Certificate of Title for ALL component parts, if the vehicle is assembled.
    • The Salvaged Certificate of Title, if you're applying for a Previously Salvaged Certificate of Title.

Once the county official receives all required documentation, you'll carry on with the vehicle registration process. Generally, in-person applicants receive their proofs of registration, license plates, and stickers on the same day.

NOTE: Vehicle inspections are valid for only 90 days, so you must get to your county official's office during that time period or else undergo another inspection.

Inspection Exemptions

Your vehicle does not require an inspection if:

  • Your Nebraska Certificate of Title is present.
  • You can present a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO).
  • You can present a United States Government Certificate of Title.
  • You're applying for a Salvage Certificate of Title.
  • You're applying for a Non-Transferable Certificate of Title.
  • You're applying for a title for a motorboat.
  • The vehicle is a cabin trailer.
  • The vehicle is a mobile home.
  • The vehicle will be registered as apportioned through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles—Motor Carrier Services Division.
  • The title requested is for a vehicle sold by a manufacturer to a dealer franchised by that manufacturer. (In this case, the dealer must complete and submit an Inspection Exemption Certification.)
  • The title requested is for a vehicle sold at an auction authorized by the manufacturer and purchased by a licensed dealer franchised by the manufacturer. (Again, the dealer must complete and submit an Inspection Exemption Certification.)
  • The title requested is for a trailer that has previously been registered in Nebraska as a utility trailer and already has a VIN, and is now being upgraded to a commercial trailer—as long as there's been no ownership change. You must present the previous Nebraska registration certificate.

Nebraska Vehicle Inspection Fees

Vehicle inspections cost $10.

Nebraska Vehicle Inspection Stations

You'll have your vehicle inspected at the:

  • County Sheriff's Office, if your car currently is physically located in Nebraska. (Contact your local County Treasurer to find information about locations.)
  • State Police Detachment closest to you, if your vehicle currently isn't physically located in Nebraska. The State Police must use the Motor Vehicle Identification Certificate (Form NSP455). Learn more at “Out-of-State Inspections" below.

Out-of-State Vehicle Inspections

As mentioned above, if you and your vehicle are currently out of state, you must have your vehicle inspected at the nearest State Police Detachment.

The State Police must use the Motor Vehicle Identification Certificate (Form NSP455); the State Police will complete one part, and you'll complete the other.

Once the inspection is complete, you'll mail a copy of the inspection form, your title, and the $10 fee to:

Nebraska State Patrol
Auto Fraud Division
4600 Innovation Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521

Failed Nebraska Vehicle Inspections

As mentioned above, the County Sheriff's Office will not conduct an inspection if all major components aren't present.

Otherwise, the only way your vehicle can fail inspection is if the VIN on the vehicle doesn't match the VIN on the title and/or registration. If this occurs, you must gather and present all paperwork proving why those vehicle identification numbers don't match. The County Sheriff's Office will provide you with exact instructions specific to your situation.

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Application for Certificate of Title
Application for a Nebraska vehicle OR motorboat title with the DMV.
Motor Vehicle Identification Certificate
Submit this form if your car required a vehicle identification number inspection for titling and registration. Must be completed by a Nebraska law enforcement officer.
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