Replacing a Lost Registration in Nebraska

Replace a Lost Nebraska Registration

If your vehicle registration, license plate, or decal is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a duplicate from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The process to request a replacement is fairly simple.

In addition to requesting a duplicate, you may also want to report lost or stolen items to your local law enforcement agency.

Read below for more information about replacing a lost registration in Nebraska.

For details about duplicate vehicle titles, see our page Replacing a Lost Title in Nebraska.

How to Replace a Lost Registration in NE

If your registration certificate has been lost, stolen, or damaged, it is important that you get a replacement from the Nebraska DMV as soon as possible.

A valid registration is required for all vehicles, and you could face a citation and a fine if you fail to show your registration certificate when stopped by the police or after an accident.

To request a replacement, you simply need to go in person to the Nebraska county official that originally issued the registration and tell them you've lost your registration certificate. They'll handle all necessary paperwork for you. The application forms are not available online.

It may be helpful to have your vehicle information with you when you apply for a replacement. Helpful information to have on hand includes:

  • Your license plate number.
  • Your vehicle make and model.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).

You should also bring:

  • A form of ID, such as your driver's license.
  • Fee for a replacement certificate of registration: $1 and the additional fees for state and county programs:
    • Emergency Medical System Operation Fund: $.50.
    • Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund: $2.  
    • State Recreation Road Fund: $1.50. 
    • County General Fund: $1.50.

Replacing Lost Nebraska Plates & Decals

If your Nebraska license plate or sticker has been lost or stolen, or it's become so damaged it's illegible, head to your local Nebraska county official to apply for replacement plates or stickers.

The county official will have the forms you need for your request. The forms are not available online.

To ensure that you have all of the required information to apply for a replacement from the DMV, you should also take:

  • The damaged license plate or sticker that you need to replace.
    • If your plate or sticker is lost or stolen, let the official know that you do not have it.
  • Information about your vehicle, including your license plate number, make and model, and VIN.
  • A form of ID, such as your driver's license.

Your replacement fees will vary based on the type of vehicle and license plates that you have. For exact fees and forms of payment, contact your county office.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Registration

If your registration certificate, license plates, or decal are lost or stolen, you may want to report the loss or theft to your local law enforcement agency to help prevent the fraudulent use of your registration materials.

Having a police report on file can also be helpful if you are stopped while waiting for your replacements and do not have a registration certificate or valid license plate. However, you should still apply for replacements immediately.

The Nebraska DMV does not require that you file a police report in order to obtain a duplicate registration certificate, license plate, or decal.

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