Replacing a Lost License in Nebraska

Replacing a Lost Nebraska Driver's License

Discovering that your driver's license has been lost or stolen can be a frightening experience. Fortunately, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has simplified the process of obtaining a duplicate license.

Continue reading this page to learn how to replace a lost or stolen NE driver's license.

NOTE: If you need a replacement copy of your Nebraska commercial driver's license, you can start the application process by reading our page about Replacing a Lost CDL.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Apply for a Duplicate License in Nebraska

You can replace your lost, stolen or damaged NE driver's license online or in person at your local NE DMV office. If you're currently out of state, you may be eligible to submit your request by mail. See "Out-of-State License Replacements" below.


You can expedite the process by ordering a duplicate license online. You can only use this option if:

  • You have NOT changed your name or address since the issuance of your last license.
  • Your appearance has not significantly changed since your ID photo was taken.
  • You do not have BOTH a valid driver's license AND an ID card.
  • You hold a valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).

When applying online for your duplicate license, you must provide a telephone number and e-mail address. Allow 20 days for your driver's license to arrive by mail.

In Person

If you're a current Nebraska resident, you can request a new license by presenting proof of identification at the office of your nearest county official. Only original documents will be accepted; no faxes or photocopies are allowed.

You will need to provide the following:

  • 1 document to prove your identity that shows your full legal name and birth date.
  • 2 documents to prove your principal address.
  • Payment for the $16 duplicate license fee.

Your NE driver's license or ID card will be mailed to you within 14 business days. If you do not receive your license or ID within 20 days, please contact Driver Licensing Services at (402) 471-3861.

Out-of-State License Replacements

College students and other Nebraska residents who are temporarily living outside the state must complete an Out-of-State License Renewal, Duplicates and Replacements (Form TSIRDT) form to receive a duplicate driver's license.

Mail the completed form with your notarized signature, proof of identification, and payment for the $16 replacement license fee to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509

Out of the Country?

If you're in another country when you lose your NE driver's license, call your DMV exam station. The Nebraska DMV will take your information, pull up your driving record, and send you the appropriate forms by mail.

The DMV will also provide instructions on how to complete and submit the forms; however, you'll still be required to send a notarized copy of some form of photo identification.

Reporting a Missing Driver's License

Identity theft is a crime that should be taken seriously. If someone is misusing your identity, you could have your credit rating destroyed and your driving privileges suspended. You could even be held criminally liable for the actions of the perpetrator.

To protect against identity theft, you may want to report your lost or stolen driver license to local law enforcement officials. After you've reported your missing license, you may also wish to place a "fraud alert" on your credit report to stop additional accounts from being opened without your permission.

The Nebraska DMV is committed to assisting victims of identity theft. If you have questions about identity theft related to the misuse of your driver license―or think you are a victim of identity theft―please call the Driver and Vehicle Records Division, Fraud Investigation Unit at (402) 471-0060.

The DMV has also prepared a downloadable Identity Theft Complaint Packet with the information and documents you may need.

Find more license-related information at Applying for a New License and Renewing Your License on this site.


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If you're a NE resident currently living out-of-state, use this form to request a renewed OR replacement Nebraska learner's permit, driver's license, motorcycle license, OR state ID card.
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