Replacing a Lost CDL in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will replace your lost commercial driver's license in person; it's unlikely you can apply for a duplicate CDL by mail, though you can contact the NE DMV with any questions (see below).

It's illegal to operate a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle if you don't have a valid, properly endorsed CDL with you. For your own protection, contact local and state authorities to report your lost CDL.

Apply for a Replacement CDL in NE

Typically, you must apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person with your local driver's license examiner.

When you appear, be prepared to:

  • Complete any application(s) related to getting a replacement CDL.
  • Provide applicable proofs of identification and residency.
    • As a commercial driver, be prepared to provide CDL-related documents such as your medical certificate, proof of self-certification, and proof of endorsements.
  • Possibly take a vision exam.
  • Pay the appropriate replacement fee (see below).

Out-of-State Duplicate CDL

Generally, the NE DMV DOES NOT issue replacement licenses for commercial drivers who are temporarily out of state.

However, if you feel your circumstances are dire, you can contact the Driver Licensing Services to explain your situation and ask for further information:

DO NOT use the mail-in replacement application OR the online replacement service UNLESS the administrator determines you're eligible.

Duplicate CDL Fees in Nebraska

Your cost to replace your NE commercial driver's license is as follows:

  • Replacement CDL: varies based on years of validity.
  • Duplicate commercial learner's permit (CLP): $15.
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