Disability Plates and Placards in Nebraska

SUMMARY: Nebraska Disability Plates & Placards

Disability placards and license plates are available in Nebraska for people with disabilities to access handicapped parking. You can obtain temporary or permanent placards depending on your needs and disability. You can easily apply for a placard or plate from the NE DMV; depending on the placard or plate, you may do so online, by mail, or in person. All permits must be renewed before they expire. Replacement placards and license plates are available if yours is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keep reading for more information about disability placards and plates in Nebraska.

Types of NE Disability Placards & Plates

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers a few options for handicap parking permits:

  • Disability placards, which are hung from your rearview mirror, for:
    • Temporary disabilities.
    • Permanent disabilities.
  • Disability license plates, which replace standard plates, for:
    • Permanent disabilities.

If you are visiting Nebraska and you have a placard or license plate from another state, you can use it in NE.

Both the disability placard and license plate allow you to park in spaces designated specifically for people with disabilities. You CANNOT park in spaces with signs that state “no parking."

Apply for a NE Disability Permit

Disabled placards and license plates have separate application processes. Both applications require medical certification by a healthcare professional.

Disability Placards

You can apply for a disabled placard from the NE DMV:

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • In person.

Disability placards are free.

To apply online, your doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner must complete the placard application using the NE DMV online system.

To apply by mail or in person, you will need:

  • The Application for Handicapped Parking Permit.
    • Must include medical certification signed by your physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner.
  • A copy of an approved form of ID such as your:
    • Valid driver's license or ID card.
    • Valid passport.
    • Certified birth certificate.

Take your application to your local DMV office, or send the application to:

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division
Attn: Handicapped Parking Permits
P.O. Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509

Handicapped License Plates

You can apply for a disability license plate by mail.

To apply, you need to:

Renew Handicap Placards & Plates

Disability placards and plates expire on the last day of their expiration month and must be renewed:

  • A temporary placard is valid for 3 to 6 months. You can renew it 1 time.
  • A permanent placard is valid for 6 years.
  • A disability license plate requires two types of renewal:

Renewing your handicapped parking permit is the same as applying for one:

  • Renew your placard in the same way that you apply for a placard.
    • Temporary renewals are accepted during the month the placard expires.
    • Permanent renewals may be sent as early as 180 days before expiration, but will be mailed to you no more than 10 days before the end of the month.
  • Renew your license plate by resubmitting the license plate application.

ALL renewals require new medical certification.

Disability placard renewal is free in Nebraska, but you must still pay registration renewal fees for license plates.

Replace a Disabled Permit in Nebraska

If your disability parking placard or license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can get a replacement from the NE DMV.

You can request a replacement:

You DO NOT need medical certification for your first 2 replacements. Additional requests will require new certification.

For license plate replacement information, see our NE license plate page.

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