Car Registration in Nebraska

SUMMARY: How to Register Your Vehicle in Nebraska

You can register your vehicle in Nebraska either in person or by mail. New residents must first have their vehicle inspected by a local sheriff's office. Registration requires your vehicle's title, proof of insurance, receipt for sales and excise tax payment, and payment for your base registration fee.

All cars in Nebraska need to be registered. If you have just purchased a vehicle or are moving to Nebraska, you must register your car with the state.

Registration Renewal

If your vehicle is already registered with Nebraska and you need to renew, visit our Registration Renewal in Nebraska page for more information.

New to Nebraska?

You have 30 days after establishing Nebraska residency to register your vehicle. If your vehicle is titled and registered in another state, you must:

  • Show proof of auto insurance.
  • Transfer any lien information to your County Treasurer's office.
  • Get a vehicle inspection.
  • Register your vehicle in Nebraska.

The processes for these steps are outlined below.

Transferring Lien Information

You must transfer your vehicle's lien information to your County Treasurer's office, if applicable. To do so:

  • Go to your County Treasurer's office.
  • Request that they contact your lienholder to convert the title. Title conversion can be done with an actual copy of the title or a copy of the electronic format of the title.
  • Get a photocopy or electronic format title after the treasurer's office has completed the conversion.

Getting a Vehicle Inspection

Vehicles registered out of state must get a visual inspection by the sheriff's office before they can be registered in Nebraska.

  • Go to an inspection station (your County Treasurer's office will have information on hours and location for inspections).
  • Present the vehicle title or a copy of the title on file with the County Treasurer's office.
  • Pay the $10 inspection fee.

Inspections are only good for 90 days, after which your vehicle must be re-inspected if you have yet not obtained your registration.

Registering Your Out-of-State Vehicle

Once you have completed the above steps, go to your County Treasurer's office and:

  • Present your out-of-state title (or copy of the title on file with treasurer's office, if you do not have the actual title).
  • Complete and submit an Application for Certificate of Title (Form RV-707) and pay the $10 application fee (if there is a lien on the vehicle, there is an additional $7 application fee).
  • Show the certificate of inspection.
  • Present proof of auto insurance.
  • Pay any applicable county tax fees.

Leased vehicles will also require a signed copy of the lease agreement during registration.

Registering a Vehicle in Nebraska

All vehicles must be registered with your County Treasurer within 30 days of receipt, either in person or by mail.

Registration expiration dates are determined by the date the vehicle was purchased. If you own 2 vehicles or more, you can choose to register the vehicles on an annual basis with an expiration month of your choosing.

For a list of vehicles that are exempt from Nebraska registration, visit the NE DMV's exemptions page.

Make sure you have an active car insurance policy when registering your vehicle.

Compare rates and buy your policy online: Visit the Insurance Center >>

Register in Person

Visit your County Treasurer's office and:

  • Present proof of car insurance (original documents only).
  • Show receipt of sales and excise tax payment.
  • Pay any applicable county tax fees if required.

Leased vehicles will also require a signed copy of the lease agreement during registration.

The county treasurer will issue the vehicle registration, new license plates, and stickers when you're finished registering.

Register by Mail

Gather the following documents:

  • Proof of car insurance.
  • Receipt of sales and excise tax payment.
  • Any applicable county tax fees (you can estimate your fees by using the online Fee & Tax Estimator.

Send the documents to your local County Treasurer's office. You will receive your registration certificate, license plates, and stickers by mail.

Registering Other Types of Nebraska Vehicles

Nebraska motorcycles, snowmobiles, and some mopeds and scooters must also be titled and registered. For the specific processes for each, visit the following pages:

Registering a Non-Operational Vehicle

If your vehicle has not been driven on a state or public highway for at least 1 year since the expiration of the previous registration, you will not be responsible for paying any registration fees for the period in which the vehicle was stored and not in use.

To register your vehicle:

  • Present a completed Affidavit for Storage and Non-Use describing where, when, and for how long your vehicle was stored.
  • Submit your form to your local county official.
  • Complete the steps listed above for vehicle registration, including paying all applicable registration fees for the new registration period.

NE Military Vehicle Registration

Members of the Armed Services, or a public health officer recognized as a commissioned officer with military orders, are exempt from having to obtain Nebraska license plates during their tour of duty. You may continue to drive your vehicle with your home state's plates.

You also have the option of obtaining non-resident Nebraska license plates with a motor vehicle tax exemption. To do so, present the following to your local county official:

  • A current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Provide legal proof ownership:
    • Certificate of title (Nebraska or out-of-state).
    • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin.
    • Importer's certificate.
    • License registration certificates.

You will be issued NE plates as a non-resident military personnel, and your spouse may also receive the same privileges.

If you decide to make Nebraska your permanent home, you have 30 days to register your vehicle(s) after your tour of duty. Follow the steps listed above in the "New to Nebraska" section.

Questions? Check out our Drivers in the Military page.

Non-Resident Vehicle Registration

Non-residents can operate a properly registered out-of-state vehicle for up to 30 days in Nebraska. After 30 days, the vehicle must be registered according to the New to Nebraska section of this page.

Exemptions to this rule are:

  • Vehicles from North Carolina and Wyoming, due to a reciprocity with those states.
  • Students attending school in the state full-time (at least 12 credit hours or a full-time graduate program).

Vehicle Registration Fees

Nebraska charges a motor vehicle tax and a motor vehicle fee that is based upon the value and weight of the vehicle being registered, so the charges will vary. You can estimate your taxes using Nebraska's tax estimator.

Registration fees for all passenger and leased vehicles are:

  • Vehicle registration fee: $15
  • License plate fee: $3.30
  • County general fund: $1.50
  • State recreation fund: $1.50
  • Department of Motor Vehicles cash fund: $2.00
  • Emergency Medical System operation fund: $.50

Trucks registered as farm trucks will be charged registration fees based upon the weight of the truck.

There may be added fees depending on the county where you live.

Late Fees

Nebraska does not charge late fees. If you do not have a current registration or license plate on your vehicle, you will be subject to tickets and fines from law enforcement.

Nebraska License Plates

License plates and stickers will be issued at the County Treasurer's Office at the time of registration, unless you opt for a specialty or vanity license plate.

You can also request a sample plate to be delivered to you, so as to inspect the design before you purchase. The fee is $5 per plate for delivery within the U.S., and $10 per plate for delivery outside of the country.

Visit our page on License Plates & Placards in Nebraska for more information.

Car Insurance Requirements

All vehicles in Nebraska are required to have auto insurance. You must submit an original document showing proof of coverage when registering your vehicle, which contains the following information:

  • The name of your insurance company.
  • The name(s) of the insured driver(s).
  • Insurance policy number.
  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  • Coverage dates (beginning and expiration).

Visit our guide on Car Insurance in Nebraska for more information.


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