Paperwork When Buying a Car in Nebraska

After buying a vehicle in Nebraska, you'll need certain paperwork to properly transfer ownership from the seller to you.

Use this guide to learn more about the paperwork required by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to title and register your vehicle.

Paperwork for Nebraska Car Buyers

Once you've purchased your new car, you'll need to have it properly titled and registered in your name. The paperwork and process to do this differs based on whether you bought your vehicle from a dealer or a private party.

When you buy a car from a Nebraska dealership, the dealer usually handles all the paperwork required for titling and registration. If you do end up needing to visit the DVS yourself, you'll need either:

  • The vehicle title, for used cars.
  • The Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), for new vehicles not previously titled.

For cars bought from a private seller, you'll need to transfer ownership at your county treasurer's office yourself.

Here's what you'll need:

  • The vehicle's title, with all transfer sections completed, including:
    • Signatures from you (the buyer) and the seller.
    • A completed odometer disclosure.
      • Don't agree to purchase a vehicle unless the current owner has the title. If it has been lost or is in unusable condition, the seller may apply for a new title by completing an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form RV-707a) BEFORE finishing the sale.
  • A bill of sale OR a completed Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement for Motor Vehicle and Trailer Sales (Form 6MB)*.
    • Have the seller include the following information on the bill of sale:
      • The purchase date.
      • The sale price.
      • Signatures from the buyer and seller.
      • A description of the vehicle.
      • The vehicle identification number (VIN).

*NOTE: Forms are not available online and may be obtained at your county treasurer's office.

Nebraska Vehicle Registration Paperwork

To title and register your car with the Nebraska DMV, visit your local county registrar's office within 30 days of the sale date.

Bring the below paperwork with you:

  • The vehicle title.
    • All transfer sections will need to be completed.
  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form RV-707).
  • A bill of sale.
    • Needed to determine the amount of sales tax due.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Lienholder or lease paperwork, if applicable.
  • A certificate of inspection.
  • Payment for the fees due, including:
    • Registration: $15.
    • Title: $10
    • Inspection: $10

Vehicle Purchases Without a Title

In the event that the vehicle you purchased does not have a title or MCO, and the seller cannot obtain a duplicate, you might be able to apply for a bonded certificate of title.

Before you submit your paperwork and fees to the DMV (including a surety bond for 1.5 times the vehicle's value), you'll need to submit a completed Application for Copy of Vehicle Record and a $1 fee.

You might also need to complete and submit an Assigned ID Number Application if the vehicle doesn't have a vehicle identification number (VIN) plate.

You must also submit:

  • A Sheriff's Inspection Form (inspection fee is $10).
  • The $50 application fee.
  • The title fee.

Once you take care of the above, the Nebraska DMV provides a detailed outline for applying for a bonded title, and you can contact the Driver and Vehicle Records Division at (402) 471-3918.

Vehicle History Report

A Vehicle History Report is a valuable tool to give you detailed information about a vehicle's past, including accidents, damage, and other events like floods or theft. These reports are based on a car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and also provide an estimated odometer reading that you can compare to the odometer.

To avoid problem vehicles, odometer fraud, and other issues that can arise when buy a used car, a Vehicle History Report is important.


Application for Certificate of Title
Application for a Nebraska vehicle OR motorboat title with the DMV.
Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Request a duplicate vehicle OR motorboat title from the NE Department of Motor Vehicles.
Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement for Motor Vehicle And Trailer Sales
Submit this form to disclose the amount of sales tax and tire fees paid on a vehicle or trailer you purchased. Not available online. Must be ordered from the Nebraska Department of Revenue.
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