Dealer Licensing in Nebraska

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The Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board (MVILB)oversees all dealer licensing in the state. Keep reading to learn about the different types of NE licenses and the application process to sell new and used cars.  

NE Dealer License Qualifications

The NE Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board offers a number of different dealer licenses. On this page, we’ll focus on motor vehicle dealer licenses.

You’re considered a motor vehicle dealer if you:

  • Are NOT a bona fide consumer, meaning you sell more than 8 vehicles in 12 months.
  • Consistently sell, lease (for at least 30 days), or exchange new or used motor vehicles, trailers, or motorcycles.
  • Buy, sell, or attempt to sell new or used motor vehicles.  

Apply for a NE Dealer License

The NE Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board provides a set of detailed instructions on submitting your dealer license application—keep this handy as you gather the necessary materials below.

IF your dealership will operate under a corporation or LLC, you must register with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Business Services Division—call (402) 471-4079 for registration information.

Once that’s taken care of, apply for your Nebraska motor vehicle dealer license by submitting the following:

Mail the above items to:

Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94697
Lincoln, NE 68509

Once your application is received and confirmed to be complete, the MVILB will send a field investigator to inspect your dealership. After your dealership passes inspection you’ll pay the applicable fees and have your Nebraska motor vehicle dealer license!

This application is no joke—if you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to call the MVILB at (402) 471-2148 with any questions you have. 

Dealership Inspections

The next step in obtaining a NE motor vehicle dealer license is for your dealership to pass an inspection. During the inspection, a field investigator from the Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board will check to ensure your dealership meets the requirements for an established place of business.

This means your dealership MUST:

  • Be easy for the public to access and open for at least 40 hours each week.
  • Be owned or leased by you (the dealer license applicant).
  • Have an office where all bookkeeping materials, records, and business documents are safely kept.
  • Have a sign easily viewed from public roads with the dealership’s name printed in letters at least 8 inches tall.
  • Have satisfactory repair facilities where warranty-related repairs can be made.
    • Another option is to enter into an agreement with a local repair shop—you must submit a valid contract between your business and the repair shop to the MVILB annually.
  • Have a working telephone and number associated with your business that’s accessible to the public during business hours.

Once your dealership passes inspection, the field investigator will return your application materials along with an Inspection Report—do not lose this!

You will then need to:

  • Gather the following items:
  • Mail the above to:
    • Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
    • 301 Centennial Mall South
    • P.O. Box 94697
    • Lincoln, NE 68509

Once everything is approved, you’ll receive your official Nebraska motor vehicle dealer license! NE motor vehicle dealer licenses are valid for 1 calendar year, and expire on December 31.

Still have questions about your dealership inspection? Give the Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board a call at (402) 471-2148 for assistance.

NE Dealer License Fees

The fees you must submit to the Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board AFTER passing your inspection are as follows:

  • Motor vehicle dealer license: $225.
  • Salesperson license for:
    • A sole owner, partner, LLC member, or corporate officer: Free.
    • None of the above: $20. 

Submit your payment as a check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to “Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board.” BBB Business Review