Applying for Special Plates in Nebraska

SUMMARY: Apply for a Nebraska Specialty License Plate

In Nebraska, you can easily apply for various types of specialty plates online, in person, or by mail. To renew your specialty plates, you'll renew your registration and pay the same fee you did when you originally applied. You may also replace a lost or stolen plate for a nominal fee. Finally, you may transfer your custom plates to another vehicle you own at your local DMV office.

Numerous types of specialty plates are available for purchase in Nebraska. Continue reading to find out how to apply for and renew these types of plates.

Applying for Specialty Plates in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows you to apply for various types of specialty plates:

  • Online.
  • In person.
  • By mail.

NOTE: Your vehicle must be titled in your name in order to apply for a specialty or personalized plate.


You may ONLY order the following types of specialty plates online:

  • Special interest plates.
  • Personalized plates.
  • Husker plates.
  • Organizational plates.

To order custom plates online, visit the NE DMV's online plate ordering system and:

  • Provide your vehicle type.
  • Choose your plate type and personalized message (if applicable).
    • You'll be notified if your desired message is unavailable.
  • Follow the instructions to complete your order.
  • Pay the fee via major credit card.

Once your order has been approved, you'll get e-mail notification with a receipt. You should expect your approval letter in the mail. This letter will have:

  • Your plate message.
  • The date you can pick up your plates from the County Treasurer's office and the phone number of the office.
    • Plates typically arrive within 5 weeks.

In Person or By Mail

In order to apply for a custom NE license plate, you must:

NE Military Honor Plates

Military Honor plates will be available on January 2, 2016. The NE DMV will require that applicants for these plates:

  • Be currently enrolled in the Nebraska Veteran's Registry.
  • Have served (or be actively serving) in the military branch for which you are requesting the plate.
  • Complete the application (forms and online ordering will be available in December 2015).

When these plates become available, they will cost:

  • Numeric plates: $5.
  • Message plates: $40.

Renewing Nebraska Specialty Plates

Specialty plate renewal fees are due in the same month as your vehicle registration renewal. Renewal fees must be paid to your County Treasurer.

Even if you purchased your specialty plate in a different month than the that in which you registered your vehicle, your renewal fees are still due in the month of your registration renewal.

The easiest method of renewing your plates is to do so as you renew your registration.

To learn more, visit our NE Registration Renewal page.

NOTE: Handicapped plates must be renewed every 6 years; renewal requires reapplication.

Replacing NE Specialty License Plates

To replace a lost or stolen plate, you'll simply need to visit your County Treasurer's office and pay a minimal fee.

If your plates were historical, you'll need to surrender your registration from the lost or stolen plate.

Transferring NE Specialty Plates

Transferring Plates to Another Vehicle

The Nebraska DMV allows you to transfer a specialty or personalized plate to another vehicle you own, as long as the title contains the name(s) of at least owner to whom the plate was registered.

To register your new car and transfer your specialty plates:

NOTE: You can put your old plates on your new vehicle prior to registering your new car. If you do, carry the appropriate ownership documents in your car.

Transferring Historical Plates

You can transfer a historical plate to another historical vehicle (owned by you) by:

  • Completing the application.
  • Paying the $29 fee.
    • Transfer historical to vintage: $54.
  • Submitting the following:
    • Previous registration.
    • Proof of sales tax payment.
    • Proof of auto insurance.

Surrendering Your Plates

If you do not have a vehicle to transfer your plates to, you'll need to relinquish them to the DMV. You can:

  • Complete the Specialty Plate Relinquishment Form AND elect ONE of the following choices:
    • Surrender your plates to the person or company applying for the plate.
    • Request your plate be put on hold in your name (maximum 6 months).

NE Specialty Plate Fees

Application fees vary by plate as follows:

  • Message plates: $50.
  • Husker plates (message or numeric): $70.
  • Special interest plates (message or numeric): $50.
  • Organizational plates: $70.
  • Gold star plates:
    • Message: $40.
    • Numeric: Free.
  • Amateur radio plates: $5.

Renewal fees are typically the same as your application fee and must be paid in the same month as your registration renewal.

Remember, plate fees are separate from any other applicable registration and titling fees.

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