Special License Plates in North Dakota

SUMMARY: Specialty North Dakota License Plates

North Dakota residents can choose from several types of specialty license plates. Personalized tags are available, as well as special interest plates and military license plates. You can apply for specialty tags by mail or in person.

Continue reading this page to learn more about the types of specialty plates available from the North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT).

NOTE: Need disability parking plates? See our page Disability Placards & Plates for complete details.

How to Apply for Personalized Plates in North Dakota

Many ND license plates can be personalized with a custom tag number.

The number of characters you're allowed depends on the type of license plate you choose:

  • The standard ND passenger vehicle plate can have up to 7 characters.
  • Specialty plates generally have fewer available characters.

You can check if your desired plate number is available on the ND DOT website.

Personalization costs $25 PLUS registration fees AND applicable special plate fees. You must also pay a $25 per year personalization fee to renew your tags.

Fees vary for personalized special plates. See the Personalized Plate Request (Form SFN 53612) for a list of fees.

NOTE: To apply, please see Apply for Specialty License Plates below.

General Special Interest Plates

The North Dakota DOT offers several special interest license plates.

Some plates are available to any ND resident, while others have eligibility requirements.

Anyone can order the following plates:

  • Future Farmers of America (FFA) license plates.
  • Lewis and Clark license plates.

The following plates are available if you meet eligibility requirements:

  • Amateur Radio Operator license plates: Must have an FCC amateur radio station license.
  • Firefighter's Association license plates: Must be a member.
  • Other organization plates: Contact the ND DOT at (701) 328-2725 for organizations offering special plates to their members.

You'll pay a license plate fee for special interest plates IN ADDITION to the standard registration fee. Fees vary—for example:

  • Firefighter's Association plate: $15 annually.
  • Future Farmers of America*: $10 to order.

You can also personalize most license plates for an additional fee.

Application details can be found below at Apply for Specialty License Plates.

*Note: Special interest plates can be repealed. The plate will be valid until it is replaced with a standard issue plate. For example the Lewis and Clark plate was repealed effective July 1, 2015.

Military Tags in North Dakota

Military recognition license plates are available for veterans, service members, and, in some cases, surviving spouses and family members.

Eligible ND residents can order:

  • Disabled American Veteran (DAV) and DAV mobility impaired plates. See Disability Placards & Plates for more details.
  • Gold Star plates.
  • National Guard license plates.
  • Prisoner of War (POW) plates.
  • Purple Heart license plates.
  • Veterans' number plates.

Some military plates have fees IN ADDITION to standard North Dakota registration fees and renewal fees. For example, Veterans' number plates cost:

  • $15 to order.
  • $10 to renew.

Other military plates may have no additional fees or come with fee exemptions. You can personalize most military plates for additional fees.

For eligibility and fee information, see the ND Department of Transportation Special Interest License Plates guide.

For application information, please see Apply for Specialty License Plates below.

Historic ND Vehicle Plates

Several license plates are available for historic and custom vehicles in North Dakota.

The ND DOT offers:

  • Antique license plates (Pioneer Plates) for vehicles at least 40 years old and NOT used for business or farm transportation.
    • Standard (one-time fee): $10.
    • Personalized(one-time fee): $100.
  • Collector license plates for vehicles at least 25 years old.
    • Standard (one-time fee): $60.
    • Personalized(one-time fee): $160.

See below for details on how to apply.

NOTE: You can also apply to use authentic North Dakota license plates issued the same year as your vehicle's model year and that you've acquired yourself.

Apply for Specialty License Plates

You can apply for your special interest plate by mail or in person.

You will need:

  • The appropriate application form. See the Special Interest License Plates guide for all applications.
    • Some license plates require your application to be signed by an organizational representative or other authority.
  • Payment for fees, including:
  • Proof of your eligibility for some license plates.

Submit your application:

  • By mail to the address on the form.
  • In person at a ND DOT office.

Specialty Plate Replacements & Transfers

Replace ND Specialty Plates

If your license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must request a replacement plate from the North Dakota DOT.

Replacement fees vary and are listed in the Special Interest License Plates guide.

Transfer Specialty License Plates

Most specialty license plates stay with you when you sell or trade your vehicle. You can use them on your next vehicle once you've registered it.

Some specialty plates, however, may stay with a vehicle, and others may not be transferrable.

The following ND license plates are subject to special transfer rules:

  • Antique license plates.
  • Collector plates.
  • Disabled American Veteran (DAV) plates.
  • Prisoner of War (POW) plates.

Contact the North Dakota DOT at (701) 328-2725 if you have questions or need information about transferring these license plates.


SFN 53612
Personalized Plate Request
Use this form to request a personalized or organizational license plate.
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