License Renewal in North Dakota

Renew Your North Dakota Driver's License

When your North Dakota driver's license is set to expire, you'll need to submit a renewal application to the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT).

For information about other types of driver's licenses or permits, please visit any of our following pages:

Check Your ND Driver's License Status

Is your driver's license valid or suspended in North Dakota? Find out by ordering your driving record online today.

When to Renew Your ND Driver's License

If the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has your current address, you should receive a renewal reminder in the mail.

NOTE: Make sure your current address on file with the NDDOT is correct. If you've recently moved, see our Change of Address page for more information.

Your Class D (standard driver's license) or Class M (motorcycle license) expires at midnight on your birthday or at midnight on the expiration date, depending on your age.

You may renew your ND driver's license up to 10 months before it expires.

NOTE: If you recently changed your name, you must notify the North Dakota DOT in person.

Expired Driver's License

REMEMBER: If your driver's license has expired, you cannot legally drive in North Dakota.

If it has been 1 year or less since your ND driver's license has expired, you are still able to renew it without facing any penalties. If you wait longer than 1 year, you'll have to pass the NDDOT tests again.

To check the status of your driver's license, you can always obtain a copy of your driving record.

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Renew Your North Dakota Driver's License

You can renew your driver’s license in person or—depending on eligibility—online.

NOTE: Check Out-of-State ND Residents & Military below for exemptions.

Renew in Person

To renew you driver's license in person, visit your nearest North Dakota DOT office and:

  • Bring your current driver's license.
  • Pass a vision test. You can also show a certificate of vision from a physician as long as it is not older than 6 months.
  • Pay the required $15 driver's license renewal fee.

If you've already renewed you license, you can check the status of your renewal by contacting the DOT.

Renew Online

You can renew your driver’s license online if you:

  • Are renewing a Class D (noncommercial) or Class M (motorcycle) license.
    • You must renew commercial driver licenses in person.
  • Did your previous renewal was in person.
    • You can renew online only every other renewal cycle.
  • Are 21 to 69 years old.
  • Don’t need to make any changes (i.e. name, address, etc.).
  • License hasn’t been expired for longer than 1 year.
    • Furthermore, you can’t renew online if your license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled.
  • Meet all vision and medical requirements.
    • If you have a Restriction 1, 2, or 5 on your driver’s license, you must scan and attach vision screening results no more than 6 months old. The ND DMV doesn’t accept prescriptions.

If you meet all the requirements, head over to the state’s driver’s license online renewal system and be prepared to:

  • Enter personally identifying information such as your full name, address, driver’s license number, and more.
  • Pay the $15 renewal fee with a major credit card.

The ND DOT will use the photograph currently on file. The ND DOT will mail your new license to the mailing address on file only.

Out-of-State ND Residents & Military

Notice for Military Members Stationed in Germany

If you are currently stationed in Germany, please be aware that some states require you to have a valid U.S. driver's license in addition to your USAREUR license. Read our article for more information.

If you're temporarily living outside the state, you may request to renew your North Dakota driver's license by mail. Call (701) 328-2600 and request for a renewal packet to be sent to you.

You'll need to provide the following:

  • Your ND driver's license number or Social Security number (SSN).
  • Name and date of birth.
  • Reason for your request.
  • Your out-of-state mailing address.

Once you receive your renewal packet, you must:

  • Follow the instructions in the packet.
  • Include payment for the $15 renewal fee.
  • Complete and fax the packet to (701) 328-2435 or mail it to:
Driver License Division
608 E. Boulevard Ave
Bismarck, ND 58505

NOTE: If you fax the packet, you must call the North Dakota DMV directly after to provide your credit card information for the $15 fee.

Exemptions for Military Members

If you're an active-duty military member stationed outside of North Dakota, you can drive with your expired driver's license as long as you carry proof of your military status. Your spouse and/or dependent(s) can also renew by mail during your absence, as long as their driver's license is not expired for over 1 year.

Once you're no longer on active duty, you must renew your driver's license in person within 30 days. The DOT recommends that you contact them every 4 years to make sure your driver's license is still on file.

For instructions on military renewals, call the DOT at (701) 328-4353. You may also need to prove your active military status.

Fees to Renew Your ND Driver's License

The cost to renew your North Dakota driver's license is $15.

North Dakota DMV offices accept payment by:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Money order.
  • VISA, Discover, or MasterCard.

Contact the NDDOT to confirm accepted payment methods when renewing by mail or fax.

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