DMV Practice Tests in North Dakota

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in North Dakota

Practicing is the best way to ensure success on your written exam. Learn all about ND practice tests, how taking a test can benefit you, and types of practice tests available in North Dakota.

What Is a ND DMV Practice Test?

In the most simplistic terms, a DMV practice test is an interactive study guide that will help you prepare to take a written exam at the Department of Transportation.

The content you'll find on these industry-leading practice tests has been sourced from the the North Dakota Noncommercial Drivers License Manual (Form DL07/21) and is presented to you in written test format.

With a practice test, you'll get experience with the type of exam you'll see on the day you go to get your license.

Why Take a Practice Test?

To prepare for the North Dakota DOT written exam, the North Dakota DOT suggests studying the ND driver manual. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to read the entire manual and to dig through the information for review.

A more time-efficient option is to prepare for your written exam with a practice test offered by our certified partner. With a practice test from our certified partner, you'll immediately access key information and solidify your knowledge by testing yourself on the need-to-know information.

When you get your practice test, you can take your test in one of two ways:

  • Testing mode. In this mode, you'll be asked to answer all the questions before you get a score. This mimics the experience of your ND written exam.
  • Study guide mode. If you choose this format, you'll be given the answers as you go, so you can learn while you take your test.

As mentioned above, the questions on your practice test will come directly from material in your ND driver handbook.

Here are a few examples:

Q. Should you always follow the speed limit?

A. No, the speed limit only indicates how fast you're allowed to drive when there are favorable conditions.

Q. At railroad crossings, intersections and crosswalks you should always:

A. Look to both sides of your vehicle.

Q. What does a white painted curb mean?

A. Stop only long enough to drop off/pick up passengers or mail.

Types of ND DMV Practice Tests

Each practice test offered by our certified partner is presented in an online format so you are able to study on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

These online tests can also be printed and studied wherever you like, even in line while you're at the DMV.

Depending on how much preparation you need, you can choose a test with 50 questions or 100 questions.

Your license type and needs will determine which of the following types of practice tests you choose:

  • Permit Practice Tests. First-time drivers can use these tests to review road signs, traffic laws, and safe driving practices.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. Those seeks a license for the first time or who need a refresher can take these tests to brush up on rules of the road before the written license exam.
  • CDL Practice Test. This test will review specific CDL regulations for commercial drivers.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. Commercial drivers seeking specific endorsements, for example, for professional driving jobs, can use these practice tests to review the laws for these specific endorsements.
  • Motorcycle Practice Tests. Motorcycle practice tests are comprised of questions explaining the rules of the road for those hoping to get a North Dakota motorcycle license.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. Each written exam has a number of questions on ND road signs. These tests will help you gain familiarity with these signs.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These driver's license practice tests contain all the standard questions but are presented in Spanish.

About the Written Exam

When you're confident that you have mastered your practice test, it's time to take the written test at the DOT. Although an appointment is not mandatory, you can use our DMV Office Finder to find the nearest DOT location.

Remember these key points about the written exam:

  • An appointment is not required.
  • There is a $5 fee to take the exam.

For more information, please refer to one of our pages:

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