Organ Donation in North Dakota

Organ Donation in North Dakota

The process of registering as an organ donor is administered by LifeSource along with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

Did you know a single donor has the potential to impact the lives of up to 50 people through organ, eye and tissue donation? The number of people on the organ donor waiting list is rising everyday. If you sign up now, you could end up giving the gift of life upon your death.

Show your support as an organ donor today, so your family does not have to make a tough decision when you pass.

Organ Donation Facts

There are a number of important facts about organ donation, such as:

  • Every 8 minutes a new name is added the nation's organ transplant waiting list.
  • Since there aren't enough donated organs, an average of 17 people die per day while anxiously awaiting an organ transfer.
  • Additionally, there are many people in the Upper Midwest who are awaiting an organ transplant.
  • It doesn't cost you ―or our family―anything to become a donor. All major religions in the United States support organ and tissue donation.

If you would like more information about organ donation before you register as an organ donor, you may visit any of the following pages about a variety of topics related to organ donation:

Register as an Organ Donor in North Dakota

You can sign up to become an organ donor online or in person at your local ND DOT office.

You'll need to be at least 18 years old to register.

Be sure to inform your family of your decision to support the organ-donation cause.


To register as an organ donor online in North Dakota, you can:

  • Visit the North Dakota Donor Registry on the ND DOT website.
  • Register through This records your registration in North Dakota, as well as adds you to their central database of nationwide donors.
    • Your registration will follow you from state to state, should you ever move out of North Dakota.

In Person

North Dakota's Department of Transportation (NDDOT) makes it very easy to indicate your desire to donate your organs and tissues. You can register when you renew your license or ID card. The state does not require a witness when signing, but strongly encourages you to notify your family of your wishes, so that they are prepared to answer the hospital's questions in the event of your passing.

For more information on organ donation in North Dakota, contact contact LifeSource, a non-profit organization that services the region.

NOTE: There is no longer a need to visit your local driver license site to register as an organ donor. Refer above for specific details about how to register online.

Update/Change Your Organ Donor Profile

You can update or change your organ donor information at the North Dakota Donor Registry, or through

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

Besides registering as an organ donor, you can support the cause in other ways such as:

The most important contribution you can make is spreading the word about organ donation, and encouraging your friends and family to register as organ donors.

If you have any further questions, you can also contact your local North Dakota driver license site.

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