Motorcycle Registration in North Dakota

Before you can legally ride a motorcycle in North Dakota, you must register it with the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Use this guide to learn more about motorcycle registration for new ND residents AND long-time North Dakotans who just bought a bike.

If you need to renew your motorcycle registration, head over to our registration renewals guide for more!

New North Dakota Residents

Once you've established North Dakota residency, you'll need to register your motorcycle with the DOT.

BEFORE submitting your registration application, you'll need to have your motorcycle inspected if it is homemade, rebuilt, or modified. You can do this at a qualified repair shop listed on the North Dakota Secretary of State's business search. The repair shop will need to complete a Certificate of Vehicle Inspection (Form SFN 2486) for you.

You can then finish the registration process by providing the following at your local DOT office branch:

When registering your motorcycle, you can ask the DOT agent to transfer your current out-of-state insurance to ND motorcycle insurance. This will ensure you're paying the correct rates, specific to North Dakota.

Keep in mind, you'll also need to transfer your motorcycle's title after moving to North Dakota. Head over to our ND title transfers guide for details.

Non-Residents Working in North Dakota

Non-residents working in North Dakota are required to obtain temporary motorcycle registration. This must be carried with you IN ADDITION to your motorcycle registration from your state of residence.

You can obtain temporary motorcycle registration by applying:

You can choose to temporarily register your motorcycle for 6 months OR 12 months.

ND Motorcycle Registration

The process for registering a motorcycle with the North Dakota Department of Transportation will differ depending on if it was purchased at a dealership OR from a private seller.

Motorcycles from ND Dealers

After buying a motorcycle from a ND dealership, usually the dealership will handle the registration process for you. To ensure additional steps aren't required on your end, discuss the details with the dealership agent before leaving. The appropriate motorcycle registration fees and taxes will be included in the purchase price.

If your dealer does not register the bike for you, follow the process for registering a motorcycle below.

Motorcycles from Private Sellers

When purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller in North Dakota, you will be required to register it yourself.

PRIOR to registering your bike, you'll need to have it inspected if it's modified, homemade, or rebuilt.

You can find a repair shop (in good standing) using the ND Secretary of State's business search. The repair shop will need to fill out a Certificate of Vehicle Inspection (Form SFN 2486) for you.

Then, you can complete the registration process by visiting your local DOT office with:

If you still have questions about registering your motorcycle, call the ND DOT at (701) 328-2725.

Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

The fees and taxes to register your motorcycle with the North Dakota Department of Transportation vary and are based on your motorcycle's:

  • Weight.
  • Age.
  • Factory price/current value.
  • Mileage.

The ND DOT provides an online vehicle registration calculator you can use to determine the registration fees and taxes owed.

To determine prorated registration fees when ownership is transferred, refer to the DOT's motorcycle fee schedule for the current year.

The uniform registration fees and taxes for motorcycles are as follows:

  • Motorcycle license plate fee: $25.
  • Temporary registration fee:
    • 6 months: $30.
    • 12 months: $60.
  • Excise tax: 5% of the motorcycle's current market value.


SFN 2872
Application for Certificate of Title and Registration of a Vehicle
Apply for a new, renewal, OR duplicate ND DOT title, registration, or tabs.
SFN 2486
Certificate of Vehicle Inspection
To be filled out by a certified ND vehicle inspector. Also used to certify repairs to a salvaged or junked vehicle.
SFN 18609
Damage/Salvage Disclosure Statement
Fill this form out to disclose damage to a vehicle you are selling that is less than 9 years old. Must be signed by the buyer AND seller.
SFN 18773
Reassignment/Odometer Disclosure
A seller MUST provide this form to a buyer. It is also required during a lien change. Not available online. MUST be obtained in-office.
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