DOT Forms in North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) makes your life easier by offering a variety of forms to assist your quest in driving legally. All forms can be found at all Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or Drivers License Division (DLD) offices and most can be found online.

Here, you'll find several forms available for download, all you need is the free PDF Reader from Adobe in order to view and print these forms at home.

If a form isn't available online, call the NDDOT at (855) 637-6237, or visit your local DOT office for a copy. 

If you're looking for a manual, visit our pages on the North Dakota driver's handbook and motorcycle manual for more.

Most Requested Forms

SFN 2872 Application for Certificate of Title and Registration of a Vehicle

Apply for a new, renewal, OR duplicate ND DOT title, registration, or tabs.

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SNF 02886 Application for Mobility Impaired Parking Permit

Apply for a new OR duplicate temporary OR permanent mobility-impaired parking permit. MUST be filled out by a medical professional.

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SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card

This form can be used to apply for an original or duplicate Social Security card, or to change your name on your Social Security card.

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Driver's License & ID Forms

SFN 51386 Request for Driver Abstract

Use this form to request your North Dakota driving record or that of another person for reasons allowed by law.

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SFN 2254 Temporary Restricted License Request

Use this form to request a temporary restricted license if your license is currently suspended.

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Title & Registration Forms

SFN 2486 Certificate of Vehicle Inspection

To be filled out by a certified ND vehicle inspector. Also used to certify repairs to a salvaged or junked vehicle.

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SNF 58593 Certificate of Vehicle Inspection Off Highway/Low Speed Vehicles

A certified vehicle inspector should fill out this form after inspecting your OHV.

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21945 One Time Remittance

Use this form to report the sale of, and pay the North Dakota sales tax on, a vehicle or watercraft purchased out-of-state.

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SFN 53612 Personalized Plate Request

Use this form to request a personalized or organizational license plate.

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SFN 2475 Purchaser's Certification and Application

After buying OR receiving a vehicle, file this form with the ND DOT within 30 days to report the transfer. Also used to apply for an excise tax exemption.

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SFN 2876 Release of Lien by Legal Owner

Use this form to release a vehicle owner from a lien after transferring the title to them.

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SFN 3004 State Board of Equalization Statement of Mobile Home Full Consideration

Use this form to transfer the title of a mobile home in North Dakota.

SFN 2903 Vehicle Statement of Ownership

This form is required to confirm ownership and title a vehicle for which there is no bill of sale, manufacturer's statement of origin, or title available. MUST be notarized.

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SFN 6102 Watercraft Registration

Use this form to register, or transfer ownership of, your watercraft in North Dakota.

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Buying & Selling Forms

SFN 2877 Assignment and Warranty of Title

Use this North Dakota Department of Transportation form to transfer a title between a vehicle's seller and a buyer.

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SFN 18609 Damage/Salvage Disclosure Statement

Fill this form out to disclose damage to a vehicle you are selling that is less than 9 years old. Must be signed by the buyer AND seller.

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SFN 18773 Reassignment/Odometer Disclosure

A seller MUST provide this form to a buyer. It is also required during a lien change. Not available online. MUST be obtained in-office.

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SFN 2888 Seller's Certificate and Vehicle Bill of Sale

Complete this form when buying a vehicle. MUST be signed by the buyer and seller.

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Commercial Forms

SFN 60071 Application for CDL Skills Test Waiver Military

Submit this form to waive the North Dakota Department of Transportation CDL skills test if you recently drove a commercial vehicle in the military. Must be signed by a commanding officer.

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2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return

Use this form to estimate and, if necessary, pay the taxes due on a vehicle you drove or purchased which weighs 55,000 lbs. or more.

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649-F Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination

Submit this medical certification form when applying for your North Dakota CDL. Must be completed by a doctor.

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MCSA-5876 Medical Examiners Certificate

You must submit this medical form when applying for a CDL OR other special vehicle classes (e.g. school buses or farm vehicles) in ND. MUST be completed by a medical examiner.

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Military Forms

SFN 17147 Military Claim for Tax Exemption

Submit this form to the North Dakota DOT to claim an excise tax exemption on a vehicle you own that was transferred into or out of North Dakota. MUST be notarized.

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