Defensive Driving in North Dakota

SUMMARY: North Dakota Defensive Driving Courses

In North Dakota, defensive driving courses are designed to make you a smarter, safer, and more prepared driver. Defensive driving courses may also be referred to as traffic school.

Completing a defensive driving course may allow you to:

  • Avoid points being added to your driving record.
  • Lower your insurance rates.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is authorized to approve courses, which would qualify you for insurance premium reductions. Before you enroll in a course, contact your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for this discount.

Defensive Driving Course Providers in ND

A defensive driving course in North Dakota can be taken either at a North Dakota commercial driving school or from an approved online provider. The classroom course must be taught by a driving instructor, and the course must be completed in its entirety on the date you choose to take it.

Many users are finding it more convenient to complete the course online. This allows you to work on the course at your own pace and complete it anywhere you have Internet access.

If you opt for an online defensive driving course, you might be required to complete it within a specified timeframe after signing up. If you do not successfully complete your course within the required time, you may fail the course and not be eligible for a refund. Check with your course provider for specific information.

North Dakota Defensive Driving Course Details

A North Dakota defensive driving course is approximately 4 hours long; however, this may vary depending on your course provider. The lessons are usually broken up into single subject-based chapters that teach the safe driving habits of a responsible and more defensive driver.

Each chapter focuses on a particular subject. These may include:

  • The concept of crash prevention, including the cost magnitude of traffic crashes.
  • A discussion concerning the contributing factors involved in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Traffic laws and regulations, vehicle capabilities, and highway environmental factors.

Typically, each chapter ends with multiple-choice quiz. At the end of your course, you'll be required to take a final exam. You'll need to answer the majority of the questions correctly to pass your course. These questions are sourced directly from the course content.

Upon successful completion of your North Dakota traffic school course, you will receive a copy of your completion certificate. Keep the student copy for your own records, and either mail or hand-deliver the insurance copy to the court or your insurance provider, depending on your reason for taking the course.

Addressing a North Dakota Traffic Ticket

If you are completing a defensive driving course to fix a traffic ticket, here are some generalized requirements for taking defensive driving:

  • You have a valid North Dakota driver's license.
  • You were not cited for more than a single violation.
  • You were not driving a commercial vehicle when you received your citation.
  • You haven't taken a defensive driving course in North Dakota within a specific time period (this varies by state).

Your local court may send you a notice indicating if you are eligible to reduce penalties from your traffic ticket by completing a defensive driving course. You can also contact the local North Dakota court handling your case to check if you are eligible. Note that you cannot dismiss a traffic ticket outright; you may only be able to reduce some of the penalties associated.

Upon completion of your traffic school course, you may need to submit your course completion certificate to the court. Contact the traffic court to check what steps you need to take to have your ticket penalties lowered, if possible.

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