Commercial Driver FAQs in North Dakota

If I move to North Dakota, how many days do I have before my out-of-state CDL is deemed invalid?

You have 30 days to apply for a North Dakota CDL. If you don't, your out-of-state CDL will be considered illegal.

Are there CDL exemptions for North Dakota farmers driving farm equipment?

Yes, and they are:

  • Any farmer driving a 2 axle, tandem axle, or truck-tractor farm vehicle for the purpose of moving farm machinery, produce or farm supplies within 150 miles of his or her farm does not need a CDL.
  • Any farmer transporting hazardous material within 150 miles of his farm does not need a hazardous material endorsement.

With the allowed hours of service always changing how can I keep pace with what's legal?

Check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with their online overview.

How often do I need to get a medical examination?

You are required by law to be examined every 2 years.

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