Dealer-related Information in North Dakota

The Department of Transportation (DOT) serves as your best authority for gathering dealer information. You can call ND DOT at (701) 328-2600 and be assured of receiving a real voice to either answer your question or direct you to the proper person. Or, jump on to the North Dakota DOT website

for a list of current laws.

Certificate of Title

After selling a vehicle, by law, you have 30 days to deliver the certificate of title either to the buyer or to the buyer's lien holder.

Tampering with Odometers

If you sell used vehicles, refrain from even entertaining the idea of altering the odometer. If you get nabbed, you could lose your dealership license and be charged with a Class C felony.

License Renewals

All dealership licenses need to be annually renewed before December 31st of every year. NDDOT will not renew yours if you failed to sell more than 4 vehicles during the previous year. Also, be sure to maintain detailed files on every vehicle sold to protect yourself against inspections and consumer complaints.


Avoid false advertising. The North Dakota Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division will drop the hammer if you are caught making false claims on prices, free gifts, guaranteed trade-ins, below market finance rates, hidden disclosures or extended warranties.

Deceptive Contract Additions

The North Dakota Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division will also come knocking on your door if you are caught or even suspected of adding items (like undercoating or an extended warranty) to a contract without the buyer's consent.

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