Bill of Sale Requirements in North Dakota

Bill of Sale in North Dakota

A bill of sale is a handy form recording the sale of a vehicle from one party to another. Frequently, a bill of sale is used in a private party transaction. North Dakota does not require sellers to fill out a bill of sale, though the state does provide one and allows it to be used for some official purposes. Read on to find out more about bill of sale in North Dakota.

ND Bill of Sale Requirements

When purchasing or selling a vehicle in North Dakota, you may complete and sign a Seller's Certificate and Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form SFN 2888). The form may be used as proof of ownership during the interim period when you may drive a recently-purchased car before registering it.

North Dakota's bill of sale includes the following:

  • Contact information for the buyer and seller.
  • Vehicle description.
  • Vehicle identification number.
  • A final selling price.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading the North Dakota Bill of Sale form, we provide links to generic bill of sale forms.


SFN 2888
Seller's Certificate and Vehicle Bill of Sale
Complete this form when buying a vehicle. MUST be signed by the buyer and seller.
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