Accident Guide in North Dakota

Crashes are a fact of the road, making it imperative for you to know what to do and whom to call should you pop an air bag.

Accident Scenarios

If you're involved in a crash that causes human injury or death, or totals $4,000 or more in damages you must immediately contact local law enforcement. If the crash occurred within a municipality call the local police. If it happened outside of a city either dial the Highway Patrol or the County Sheriff's Office.

And whatever you do, do not leave. Fleeing an accident that you're involved in, especially one that results in death, is considered a crime.

Be sure to exchange your name, contact information, and insurance carrier with all involved drivers.

If a spouse, a child, or a friend gets involved in an accident while driving a vehicle you own, and is incapable of reporting it, you are responsible for notifying the insurance company.

If you hit an unoccupied vehicle look for the owner. If you cannot locate him or her leave a note on the windshield containing your name, phone number, address, and insurance company.

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