Traffic Ticket Attorneys in North Carolina

SUMMARY: Traffic Ticket Attorneys in North Carolina

While it's easy to pay your traffic ticket, hiring a traffic ticket attorney and fighting it can save your driving record from points associated with a traffic ticket conviction. If you decide to hire an attorney, you can use our tips for hiring at traffic ticket lawyer to make sure you have the best representation possible.

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The quick way to handle a traffic ticket is to pay it; however, paying it means you're pleading guilty to the violation. Instead, you can hire a traffic ticket attorney and fight the violation to keep your record clean and avoid the fine.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Having an experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer represent you in court can help you:

  • Avoid large fines.
  • Keep your driver's license.
  • Avoid points on your record.
  • Have the charges against you dropped or reduced.
  • Maintain your current car insurance rates.

Traffic Ticket Convictions in North Carolina

A traffic violation conviction can have more negative consequences than you may realize.

In North Carolina a conviction for a traffic violation can lead to:

  • Points on your driving record.
  • Driver's license suspension.
  • Increase in your car insurance rates.


If you are convicted of a traffic violation in North Carolina, points will be added to your driving record.

An accumulation of points can lead to:

  • Being placed in a driver improvement clinic if you have received 7 points.
  • Having your driver's license suspended if you have gained 12 points within 3 years.

The following are examples of some common violations and their corresponding point values:

  • Aggressive driving - 5 points.
  • Reckless driving - 4 points.
  • Illegal passing - 4 points.
  • Following too closely - 5 points.
  • Red-light violation - 3 points.
  • Speeding over 55 MPH - 3 points.
  • Driving without insurance - 3 points.
  • Driving through a safety zone - 3 points.

Your traffic ticket attorney can help defend you against any of these charges and several other traffic violations.

Driver's License Suspensions

Several serious traffic violations will come with a mandatory suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

Some examples of these violations include:

  • Racing.
  • Hit and run.
  • DWI/DUI.
  • Simultaneous speeding and reckless driving.

These charges are very serious and you should especially consider hiring a legal representation to help defend yourself against them.

NOTE: If you are a CDL driver, a traffic ticket attorney can help defend you against serious traffic violation charges that may result in the disqualification of your CDL.

Car Insurance Rates

Your driving record plays a major part in determining your car insurance rates. Having just one traffic violation on your record can increase your auto insurance premium by hundreds of dollars per year.

Keep in mind that in order to legally operate a car in North Carolina, you must have car insurance.

Your traffic ticket attorney will fight to keep a violation off your record so that you don't have to pay more for your car insurance.

Tips for Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When looking for a traffic ticket attorney:

  • Shop around – You do not have to hire the first attorney you contact about your case. In fact, several traffic ticket lawyers will give you a free consultation to briefly go over your case and inform you about their rates.
  • Stay local – You can help your case by getting an attorney who knows the court where your case is being heard, the local prosecutors, and the local police officers.
  • Hire someone you trust – You will have to leave a lot of important issues in your traffic ticket lawyer's hands. Make sure you find someone you trust.

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