Replacing a Lost Title in North Carolina

Replacing a Lost Title in North Carolina

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles allows you to request a replacement copy of your title when there has been:

  • A legal name change due to divorce, marriage, naturalization, or a court order.
  • An error on your title that needs be corrected, such as inaccurate body style, year, model or lienholder info.
  • Significant modification(s) to the vehicle that the new title covers.

Application forms are available in person or online. Either format must be notarized. Continue reading this page to find out exactly how to apply for a duplicate copy of your NC vehicle title.

How to Get a Duplicate Title in NC

NOTE: If there are any liens on your title, you'll need a lien release plus your application must be notarized. The lienholder must complete the bottom half of the application in the presence of a notary.

You can submit your duplicate title request in person by visiting a Division of Motor Vehicles office.Otherwise, you may submit your application by mail directly to the Raleigh address on the form.

Apply for a Lost Title In Person

To apply for a duplicate NC title, you'll need to:

  • Complete an Application for a Duplicate Title (Form MVR-4) before a notary. If someone asks for your title number, they are most likely referring to your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Pay the $25.50 fee for your replacement NC title.
    • You can pay using cash, money orders, or personal checks.
  • Bring your valid driver's license if you take it to your local DMV office.

Don't expect to be issued an immediate duplicate title, however. The DMV requires that all duplicate title applications "age" for 15 days.

If you need further assistance, you may contact the North Carolina DMV between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays for application assistance, including tags and titles.

Corrected/Substitute Title Application

You'll need to complete a Corrected or Substituted Title Application (Form MVR-5), available online or in person. Be sure to bring your updated driver's license.

NOTE: If a vehicle modification has taken place, use Affidavit of Facts Surrounding the Incorrect Assignment of a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or a Certificate or Title (Form MVR-28).

Instant Titles

Instant titles can be issued in one day if you visit the offices in Raleigh and Charlotte, or by courier in one business day to other offices. However, these type of titles are not permitted to be issued for applications which require a waiting period of 15 days, such as duplicate forms to replace a lost vehicle title, a damaged vehicle title or a stolen vehicle title.

Adding/Removing Names From Your Title

To change names on a title, North Carolina requires an actual, original title, with information about the original owner and the recipient.

The notarized title should include:

In addition to the original title, applicants must include proof of liability insurance. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Information about your policy, such as beginning and expiration dates and when it was issued.
  • Information about your insurance agent (Form FS-1).
  • A binder containing your policy info.
  • A card with those insurance dates.

Fees can include:

  • $66.75 for certificate of title.
  • $126 for instant title.
  • $77.50 for duplicate title plus reassignment.
  • 3% highway use tax which can be waived if transferred to a spouse, child, or step-child/step-parent.

Change Your Name or Address

Name Change

When you apply for a corrected title due to a name change, you'll need to bring a valid driver's license or other information that indicates the changed name such as a court order or naturalization paperwork.

Change Your Address

To change your address on your title, you'll need to fill in the secondary mailing address section on the Application for a Duplicate Title (Form MVR-4) and present your valid driver's license. The fee for applying is $25.50.

For information on how to change your address and/or address on your driver's license and registration, please visit our Change Address and Change Name pages.


Odometer Disclosure Statement
Complete this form to disclose the number of miles on a vehicle you are transferring ownership of in North Carolina.
Damage Disclosure Statement
Use this form to disclose any damages on a vehicle you plan to sell in North Carolina.
Corrected or Substituted Title Application
Use this form to correct OR change information on your NC car title.
Application for a Duplicate Title
Request a duplicate certificate of title from the North Carolina DMV.
Affidavit Facts Incorrect Assignment Manufacturers Certificate of Origin/Certificate of Title
Submit this form to the NC DMV if a certificate of title was assigned incorrectly. Can be used by buyers, sellers, AND lienholders.
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