Replacing a Lost CDL in North Carolina

Depending on your situation, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will issue you a replacement commercial driver's license online (with restrictions), by mail, and in person.

Consider reporting your lost CDL to law enforcement to help with identity protection, and don't operate a commercial vehicle or truck until you have your duplicate CDL in hand.

How to Apply for a NC Replacement CDL


NC commercial drivers can apply for replacements online using the state's duplicate driver license system.

Note that:

  • You CANNOT replace your CDL online if:
    • Your CDL has a “P" or “S" endorsement. You MUST apply in person.
    • Your CDL is suspended.
    • You owe debt to the DMV.
    • The DMV doesn't have your latest image on file.
    • The DMV doesn't have your Social Security number, individual taxpayer identification number, AND/OR a U.S. government document stating your legal presence on file.

The online system walks you through the process, and will mail your confirmation receipt and any further instructions to the email address you provide.
Currently, you can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit card.

By Mail

Per current state regulations, you must contact the DMV for instructions on how to apply for a duplicate CDL by mail.

The DMV will determine your eligibility based on your situation; however, some eligibility requirements include:

  • You must be temporarily out of state for at least 30 days.
  • You must be stationed out of state on an active-duty military assignment.

In Person

To apply for a replacement CDL in person, visit your local NC DMV office and:

  • Return your current commercial driver's license IF you're replacing it because it's destroyed.
  • Present required identity and residency documents IF you're replacing it because it's lost or stolen.
    • The DMV provides a list of age and identity proofs. You must provide 2 documents from this list.
    • You might also need to show CDL-specific documents, such as your medical certificate or waiver and endorsement proofs. Generally, the DMV has this information on file, but it's safe to be prepared.
  • Pay the $14 fee.
    • Currently, the NC DMV accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover debit/credit cards when paying in person.

Out-of-State Duplicate CDL in NC

As a commercial driver who's currently out of state, you can apply for a replacement CDL:

  • Online:
    • Your CDL can't have a “P” or “S” endorsement for this transaction.
  • By Mail:
    • As long as the NC DMV deems you eligible.
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