DMV Practice Tests in North Carolina

SUMMARY: DMV Practices Tests in North Carolina

Before taking your driver's license written exam, test your knowledge first with a practice exam. A practice test includes various questions specific to North Carolina and the type of license you are applying for.

This page provides more information about NC practice tests you can take to prepare for the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exam.

Types of North Carolina Practice Tests

We have a variety of NC driver's license practice tests and study guides available depending on the type of license you're applying for and what format you prefer.

Online Practice Tests

Online practice tests are available in multiple-choice format with questions chosen based on the package you choose.

  • Learner's permit: Use this practice test if you're applying for your limited learner's permit or learner's permit.
  • Driver's license: If you're new to NC, this package is for you.
  • Motorcycle license: This practice test contains questions about road rules specific to motorcycle riders.
  • Commercial driver's license (CDL): If you need to drive a commercial vehicle, you'll need a CDL. This practice exam will test your knowledge about transporting hazardous materials, types of commercial vehicles, and other CDL rules.
    • CDL endorsements: If you need a specific type of endorsement, such as a school bus endorsement, you can take a specialized practice test to help you pass your exam.
  • Road signs: If you need to test your knowledge on North Carolina road signs, this practice test will come in handy.

Video and Printed Resources

If you prefer a different method of studying, we also have printed study guides and video learning materials.

Study guides can be downloaded and printed and include:

  • Practice test questions.
  • Information about traffic signs.
  • Steps to apply for your NC driver's license.

The Driver Prep Course is an online course in the form of a video. Choose this option if you prefer to learn by watching slide shows and animations.

Types of DMV Questions to Expect

You North Carolina practice test will include questions in a multiple-choice format. You will find the answers by studying the NC Driver's Manual.

Example Questions

1. If you refuse a blood alcohol content (BAC) test issued by a police officer, the NC DMV will:

a. Wait until after your court hearing to take any action.
b. Put you on probation.
c. Enroll you in a Driver Improvement Clinic.
d. Revoke your driver's license.

Answer: d

2. You will lose your NC driver's license if you are convicted of:

a. Passing a stopped school bus.
b. Speeding of over 75 MPH.
c. Failing to yield right of way.
d. Driving without a valid driver's license.

Answer: b

Taking Your NC Written Exam

To obtain your North Carolina driver's license, you'll need to pass both a driving knowledge and traffic signs test.

You will need a minimum score to pass and move on to your driving skills exam. For more information about your DMV exams, contact the NC DMV directly.

Driving Knowledge Exam

Your driving knowledge exam will include questions about North Carolina traffic laws and safe driving practices. Take a driver's license practice test and study the NC DMV driver handbook in preparation.

Traffic Signs Test

To pass the traffic signs exam, you'll need to correctly identify NC road signs and know what they mean. Take the road signs practice exam to test your knowledge beforehand.

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