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North Carolina residents don't always have to pay a visit to the state motor vehicle agency to take care of driving-related business. There are plenty of moves you can make without ever leaving home.

Typically, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles driver services. You can see all of the online services the state offers on the NC DMV website. But there are also a number of tasks you can accomplish online with the help of private companies. We've compiled a full list of your options below to make sure you have as much information as possible when deciding how to proceed.

North Carolina Vehicle Services

Before hitting the road, you'll have to hit the books to make sure your car is up-to-date in every way the state requires. Don't worry, though. There are plenty of ways to keep track of the documentation from the comfort of your own home computer, both through the North Carolina DMV and outside vendors.


  • Renew your vehicle registration.
  • Order a duplicate registration card.
  • Order personalized/specialized license plates.
  • View your vehicle details online.
  • Pay the penalty for lapsed insurance.
  • Estimate your vehicle property tax.

Third Parties

  • Order auto insurance.
    • You can't leave home without it—at least, not in your car. Luckily, you can order the perfect policy without stepping foot outside your house.
  • Find motorcycle insurance.
    • Just because there are less wheels doesn't mean you need less coverage. Motorcycle insurance is mandatory across the country, but you can find it quickly and easily online.
  • Get a vehicle history report and VIN check.
    • If knowledge is power, this report packs a punch. A vehicle history report can expose information a salesperson may be wary to repeat and help put you in control of the negotiation process. You can order one for:
      • Cars.
      • Motorcycles.
      • RVs.

NC License & Personal Records

To operate your car, you'll need a license. And to get a license, you will need to show the state even more personal records. Plus, you may want to delve deeper into your own recorded history for any number of reasons. There's a way to do all of that online, too, through the expertise of outside companies and with the NC DMV.


  • Renew your NC driver's license.
  • Order a duplicate:
    • North Carolina driver's license.
    • NC state identification card.
  • View your license details online.
  • Request your driving record.

Third Parties

  • Look up driving records.
    • Curious how car insurance companies view you? This report will give you a good idea. When you hire a private business for this type of information, your concerns become their top priority.
  • Prevent identity theft.
    • For all the countless benefits the Internet offers society, making private information increasingly vulnerable is its biggest downfall. But, with the help of experienced businesses looking out to keep your personal information personal, you can protect yourself from this technological weak spot.
  • Change your name.
    • What's in a name? A lot, actually. Having the proper identity on your identification is infinitely important, but changing your official moniker is easy, and can be done from the comfort of your computer.
  • Commission a background check.
    • Background checks can span serious amounts of time and a number of places, to boot. All told, they're one of the most difficult documents to put together, but there are a number of private companies that are ready, willing, and able to put in the legwork for you.
  • Obtain a criminal record check.
    • Putting these records together can be so difficult and frustrating the process can almost be—in a word—criminal. Let someone else sweat the details for you when you hire an independent company to dig up the files.
  • Find court records.
    • Courting these documents is not always fun. An experienced vendor will be able to sift through the legal protocols to deliver what you need quickly and easily.
  • Get public records.
    • Just because they're public doesn't mean they're easy to find. Leverage the expertise of a private company to track down these documents for you.
  • Order vital records.
    • The building blocks of most other forms of ID, these records are vitally important to have on hand. Don't wait in city hall's notoriously slow-moving lines to get them. All you have to do is click your mouse, sit back, and relax.
      • Birth records.
      • Death records.
      • Divorce records.
      • Marriage records.
  • Get your international driver's permit.
    • Planning a trip abroad can be a juggling act, requiring you to keep your eye on a number of moving targets. Don't worry about any more than you have to. Let an experienced outside company take care of this detail.

Driver's Ed in North Carolina

If you're looking to enhance your driving education, you can only turn to private businesses in North Carolina. A good driving course or practice material can give you the skills and knowledge to accomplish a lot, from preventing the need to retake your license test to preventing a potentially deadly crash.

NC Miscellaneous Services

There are plenty of other actions you can complete with the help of private businesses without leaving home, including:

  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • Facing a charge this serious is stressful and frightening, but you don't have to face it alone. There are plenty of qualified attorneys who can help you get through this situation.
  • Fast-track your passport.
    • Itching for an overseas trip? Getting your passport processed can take weeks, or even months. Don't plan your trip around the government's schedule when you can hire a professional to help get your passport back to you much more quickly. BBB Business Review