DMV Forms in North Carolina

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The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a number of useful forms online, many of which you can download below. You may have to get certain forms directly from your car insurance provider, school, or local DMV office.

If you have questions about a form, call the NC DMV at (919) 715-7000.

Looking for manuals? Check out our North Carolina driver's handbooks and motorcycle manual pages.

Forms available are in PDF format, which you can read with the free Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free.

Most Requested Forms

Application for Commercial Driver License - CDL-5

Application AND self-certification for a NC commercial driver's license.

Application for a Social Security Card - SS-5

Apply for a new OR replacement Social Security card. Form can also be used to make corrections/changes to your current Social Security record.

Declaration of Eligible Risk - MVR-615

Fill out this form to notify the North Carolina DMV of your eligibility for auto insurance when titling/registering your car in state.

Driver Education Certificate - DPI Form 452

Submit this form to the NC DMV when applying for a graduated driver's license. Must be obtained from your Driver's Ed provider. Not available online.

Contact your local DMV

Highway Use Tax Exemption Certification - MVR-613

Use this form if you have grounds to request partial OR full exemption from the NC highway use tax.

Title Application - MVR-1

Submit this form to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles to apply for a new vehicle title.

US DOT Declaration Form - HS-7

Fill out this form if you plan to import a vehicle to North Carolina from out-of-country. Used to disclose if vehicle meets federal safety and anti-theft standards.

Vessel Registration and Title Application - VL-1

Use this form to register vessels/watercraft in North Carolina.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Driving Log to Advance to N.C. Level 2 Limited Provisional Driver License - DL-4A

Use this form to log your hours of supervised driving practice as part of advancing to a Level 2 NC provisional license.

Driving Log to Advance to N.C. Level 3 Full Provisional Driver License - DL-4B

Use this form to track your supervised behind-the-wheel practice hours as part of advancing to a Level 3 NC provisional license.

Notice of Change of Address - MVR-24A

Use this form to notify the NC Division of Motor Vehicles of a change in address.

Title & Registration Forms

Affidavit for Custom/Replica Built Vehicle - MVR-55

Use this form when registering a customized OR replica vehicle in North Carolina. Certifies your vehicle meets all NC and federal safety standards.

Affidavit for Removal of Manufactured Home from Vehicle Registration Files - MVR-46G

Submit this form to have a manufactured home removed from your NC vehicle registration records.

Application for Duplicate and/or Additional Registration Certificates - MVR-10

Request duplicate AND/OR additional registration certificates from the North Carolina DMV.

Application for Removal of Lien from the Certificate of Title - MVR-8

Use this form to notify the NC Division of Motor Vehicles of a lien removal from your car's certificate of title.

Application for Replacement Plate and/or Sticker - MVR-18

Request replacement license plates OR registration stickers from the North Carolina DMV.

Application for a Duplicate Title - MVR-4

Request a duplicate certificate of title from the North Carolina DMV.

Certification of Plate and/or Address - MVR-1A

Use this form to certify your NC license plate AND/OR address when titling certain vehicles (e.g. mopeds).

Corrected or Substituted Title Application - MVR-5

Use this form to correct OR change information on your NC car title.

Buying & Selling Forms

Affidavit Facts Incorrect Assignment Manufacturers Certificate of Origin/Certificate of Title - MVR-28

Submit this form to the NC DMV if a certificate of title was assigned incorrectly. Can be used by buyers, sellers, AND lienholders.

Damage Disclosure Statement - MVR-181

Use this form to disclose any damages on a vehicle you plan to sell in North Carolina.

Odometer Disclosure Statement - MVR-180

Complete this form to disclose the number of miles on a vehicle you are transferring ownership of in North Carolina.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Driver Privacy Protection Act Authorization to Disclose Personal Information - DL-DPPA-2

Form authorizes the NC Division of Motor Vehicles to release your personal information to someone else for purposes allowed by law.

Driver Privacy Protection Act Request - DL-DPPA-1

Complete this form to request driving records from the North Carolina DMV for purposes allowed by law.

Insurance Forms

Proof of Insurance - FS-1

Submit this form to the NC DMV to prove your vehicle is insured AFTER a lapse in car insurance coverage. Must be obtained from your insurance agent. Not available online.

Contact your local DMV

Commercial Forms

Medical Certification for Commercial Drivers License - CDL-MED-1

Medical certification form required when applying for a North Carolina CDL.

Medical Examination Report - 649-F

Submit this medical examination report when applying for a North Carolina CDL. Must be completed by a medical professional.

Military Forms

Certification for Waiver of CDL Skills Test for Military Personnel - CDL 15

Submit this form to waive the NC Division of Motor Vehicle's CDL road skills test if you recently drove a commercial vehicle in the military.

Disability Forms

Application for Disability Parking Placard - MVR-37A

Use this form to apply for temporary OR permanent disability parking placards in North Carolina.

Application for Handicap Driver Registration Plate - MVR-37

Application for NC handicapped license plates. Must be signed by your physician.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application - 76

If you're a U.S. citizen living out of your voting jurisdiction, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee ballot. BBB Business Review