Voter Registration in Montana

Attention: Voter information and identification requirements may change prior to an election. Please check the Secretary of State website to make sure you have the most current information.

The Montana Secretary of State (SOS) makes voting easy by allowing eligible Montana residents to register to vote by mail or in person at county elections offices.

If you are applying for or renewing a driver's license or ID card, you can also register to vote at the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Read below for more information about registering to vote in Montana.

Voter Eligibility in Montana

To register to vote in Montana, you must be:

  • A United States citizen.
  • 18 years old on of before the date of the next election.
  • A Montana residentt who has lived in the state for at least 30 days.

Even if you meet the above requirements, you CANNOT register to vote if you:

  • Have been determined to be of unsound mind by a court of law.
  • Are currently incarcerated for a felony conviction.*

*Upon your release from a penal institution your voting rights are restored and you should re-register to vote.

Register to Vote in Montana

Montana voters can register:

  • By mail.
  • In person.

Your county election office will verify your registration and send you a confirmation notice. The notice will include your precinct and polling location.

By Mail

For voter registration by mail:

  • Complete the Montana Voter Registration Application.
  • Include any of the following for identification:
    • MT driver's license or ID number.
    • Last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
    • A copy of an ID with your photograph and name.
    • A copy of a document that shows your name and address, such as a current:
      • Bank statement.
      • Utility bill.
      • Paycheck stub.
  • Mail the application to your county elections office.
    • Office addresses are provided on the form.
Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

In Person

You can register to vote in person by completing a Montana Voter Registration Application at (or delivering it to):

Out-of-State Residents

If you are currently outside of the state (for example, for work or to attend college), you can register to vote by mail using the instructions above.

If you'll be outside of the state during the election, consider voting absentee. The Montana SOS provides detailed information about how to vote absentee.

College Students

If you are from Montana and going to college in a different Montana county, you can register to vote in EITHER:

  • The county where you live permanently.
  • The county where you attend school.

If you are a student in Montana from outside of the state, you can register to vote in EITHER:

  • Montana, if you choose to become a resident and reside in the state for 30 days or more.
  • Your home state.
NOTE: You cannot register to vote in multiple locations.

Military & Overseas MT Voters

Military personnel and overseas residents can register using either:

  • The Federal Voting Assistance Program.
  • The Electronic Absentee System (EAS).

Both will allow you to register AND request an absentee ballot.

NOTE: You must apply for a new absentee ballot every year.

For more information on military and overseas voting, please visit the Montana SOS website.

Federal Post Card Application (FCPA)

To register to vote using the FCPA:

You can submit the FCPA any time, even on Election Day.

Electronic Absentee System (EAS)

You can register to vote and vote online using the Electronic Absentee System website starting 45 days before a federal election until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

If the EAS is not available, you can use the FCPA instead.

Deadlines to Register to Vote in MT

To vote in the next election, you can register to vote through the close of polls on election day. The only time you may not register to vote is after  12 p.m (noon). the day before Election Day.

You can register in person at your county election offices..

Voter Name and Address Changes

You must submit a new Montana Voter Registration Application if you:

  • Move to a new address in your county.
  • Move to a new county.
  • Change your name.

You can use Montana's My Voter Page to check your voter registration information, including whether you are registered, your polling location, and the status of your absentee ballot (if voting absentee).


Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application
Register to vote AND/OR request an absentee voting ballot if you're a United States citizen currently residing outside the country.
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