Types of Special License Plates in Montana

SUMMARY: Montana Specialty License Plates

In Montana, you can choose from several specialty license plates, including personalized plates and special interest plates. If you qualify, you can also apply for military tags or antique and vintage plates.

Keep reading for information about the types of special plates offered in Montana.


How to Get a Personalized License Plate in Montana

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) offers custom tags with your own personal custom letter/number combinations.

Personalized tag choices must be approved by the MT MVD and must:

  • Contain at least 2 characters (letters and/or numbers).
    • Different license plates have different character limits.
  • Count spaces as characters.
  • NOT use the letter “O". Instead, use the number “0".
  • NOT have spaces at the beginning or end.
  • NOT be all spaces or all numbers.

NOTE: The Montana MVD requires you to explain your tag combination when you apply.

You can personalize most types of tags, including some of the specialty plates listed below. See the Application for Personalized License Plates (Form MV8) for more information.

For additional application information, see page about Applying for Specialty Plates.

Fees for Personalized License Plates

Vanity plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to standard vehicle registration fees.

NOTE: If you personalize a special plate, you'll ALSO need to pay the applicable special plate fee.

For custom Montana tags, you'll pay:

  • A $25 application fee.
  • $10 when you renew or transfer your tags.

Many of Montana's special interest license plates are sponsored by or linked to a specific charity or cause.

Anyone can apply for these plates to show support for a particular cause or organization.

NOTE: Some sponsored license plates may not be available as motorcycle plates or other plate types.

Special interest/sponsored plates cover a range of interests and organizations:

  • Farming, such as:
    • The Montana Farm Bureau Foundation.
    • The Montana Logging Association.
  • The arts, such as:
    • The Eureka Montana Quilt Show.
    • The Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras.
  • Community organizations such as:
    • Big Sky Economic Development.
    • The Flathead Lake Protection Association.
  • Local governments, including:
    • The Billings City Council.
    • The Crow Tribe Executive Branch.
  • Historic landmarks and museums, for example:
    • The Historic Preservation Commission.
    • The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.
  • Parks and public land, including:
    • The Prickly Pear Land Trust.
    • The Montana Wilderness Association.
  • Service agencies, such as:
    • Crimestoppers.
    • The March of Dimes.
  • Sports and recreational activities, for example:
    • The Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association.
    • The Bridger Ski Foundation.
  • Animals and wildlife, such as:
    • The Humane Society of Western Montana.
    • Montana Audubon.
  • Youth organizations, including:
    • The Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.
    • The Montana 4-H Foundation.

For a complete list of available plates, visit the MT MVD website.

Education & College License Plates

Included in the special interest plate category are tags that support:

  • Public school districts, such as Eureka Public Schools.
  • Private schools, such as Billings Catholic Schools.
  • Education funds, including the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation.
  • Community colleges, like Dawson State Community College.
  • Universities and college foundations, such as the Montana State University Bobcat Club.

The supporting funds go to either the institution itself or to a fund related to the institution, such as a scholarship fund or athletic association.

Complete lists of education plates and college plates can be found on the MT MVD website.

Fees for Sponsored Plates

The fees for special interest plates vary by plate type. The total fee is made up of all of the following:

  • An initial donation. For a specific plate's fee, visit the Motor Vehicle Division website and choose the category and plate type.
  • An administration fee: $10.
  • A license plate production fee: $10.
  • Standard registration fees.

You'll also pay the donation fee each year when you renew your tags IN ADDITION to the regular registration renewal fees.

Your donation fees will go to the charity, foundation, or agency that sponsors the license plate.

Military License Plates in MT

Military license plates are available to those who meet a plate's eligibility requirements.

The range of military tags includes:

  • General service plates, such as:
    • Air Force Reserve.
    • Army Veteran.
  • Award plates, including:
    • Legion of Valor.
    • Purple Hear Veteran.
  • Survivor plates, for example:
    • Pearl Harbor Survivor.
    • Next of Kin Deceased Personnel.
  • Disabled veteran plates.

Each plate requires proof that you are eligible, such as discharge papers or a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Visit our Special Plates Application page for complete details.

Fees for Military Plates

The fees for military plate vary, and in some cases the fee may be waived. These fees are charged IN ADDITION to normal registration fees.

For example:

  • The Marine Corps Veteran plate has:
    • A $12 donation fee AND a $12 production fee.
    • A $12 annual renewal fee.
  • The Ex-Prisoner of War plate has:
    • A $12 production fee ONLY.

Our Special Plates Application page has more information about military tag fees.

Antique Montana Plates

Vehicles that meet specific requirements for historic or classic vehicles can have special antique license plates.

The following license plates are available:

  • Vintage plates for vehicles that:
    • Are at least 30 years old.
    • Were made no earlier than 1934.
  • Pioneer license plates for vehicles that:
    • Were made in 1933 or earlier.
    • Are used only for display and collection, not for everyday transportation.
  • Original Montana plates for:
    • Vehicles that are at least 30 years old AND intended as a collectors' item.
    • Vehicles that are at least 25 years old AND owned for regular use.

For details about applying for antique plates, see our Special Plates Application page.

Fees for Antique Plates

The antique license plate application fees below are charged IN ADDITION to standard license plate fees.

The application fees for antique plates vary by plate type:

  • Vintage plates:
    • $5 for a vehicle weighing up to 2,850 lbs.
    • $10 for a vehicle weighing more than 2,850 lbs.
  • Pioneer tags:
    • $5 for a vehicle that weighs up to 2,850 lbs.
    • $10 for a vehicle that weighs more than 2,850 lbs.
  • Original MT license plates: $30 application fee.


Application for Personalized License Plates
Apply for specialty AND/OR vanity license plates with the MT Motor Vehicle Division
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