Registration Renewal in Montana

Vehicle Registration Renewal in Montana

In Montana, you need to renew your vehicle registration with the MT Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). This page outlines how to submit your MT registration renewal online, by mail, and in person.

You'll also be required to carry a minimum of liability insurance. To learn more about how to meet the insurance requirements and receive a lower car insurance quote, visit our Insurance Center.

Montana Registration Renewal Notice

The Montana MVD will mail you a renewal notice before your vehicle registration expires. You will need to renew during the month after your MT registration expires (shown on your Montana license plate sticker).

You will need your renewal notice in order to renew by mail or in person. If you did not receive your renewal notice, contact the Montana MVD.

How to Renew Your MT Vehicle Registration

You must renew your vehicle registration on or before the last day of the month following the month your registration expires, as indicated on your Montana registration document.

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The Montana Motor Vehicle Division processes registration renewals:

  • Online.
  • In person.
  • By mail.

If your light vehicle is 11 years old or older, you have the option to renew your registration permanently. Specific fees will apply. For more information, please see “Fees for MT Registration Renewal" below.

NOTE: Vehicle inspections are not required in Montana (including both emissions and safety inspections).

Online Registration Renewal

You may NOT process your Montana registration renewal online if any of the following apply to you:

  • You do not qualify for an exemption, or must change your previous exemption.
  • You need to update information about your vehicle (changed color, errors, etc.).
  • You moved to a different county within Montana or moved out of state.
  • You would like to apply for a new license plate.

If you're eligible to renew online, use the MT Vehicle Registration Renewal Service and provide:

  • Your title number.
  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Your vehicle number.
    • If the system cannot find the vehicle number based on the information you provide, you must renew in person (see below).
  • Payment. (See “Fees for MT Registration Renewal" below.)
    • The MVD online system will indicate how much you will need to pay.

The Montana MVD will mail your renewed registration documents to you. To check the status of your renewal, please contact the MT MVD.

NOTE: You may choose to make a donation to organ donor or traumatic brain injury programs when you renew.

In-Person Registration Renewal

To renew your Montana vehicle registration in person, visit your local MT MVD office, with your:

  • Vehicle registration renewal notice.
    • If you did NOT receive a MT renewal notice, contact the Montana MVD.
  • Title number, VIN, or vehicle number.
  • Montana driver's license.
  • Payment. (See “Fees for MT Registration Renewal" below.)

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division will send your registration documents to you by mail.

By-Mail Registration Renewal

To renew your Montana vehicle registration by mail, follow the instructions on your renewal notice and send the documents required, plus payment, to the address specified on the renewal card.

NOTE: If you did not receive your MT registration renewal notice, you should renew your registration in person and contact the Montana MVD to find out why you weren't sent your notice.

Fees for MT Registration Renewal

Your Montana registration renewal notice will indicate exactly how much you will need to pay. If you did not receive your renewal notice in the mail, contact the MT MVD.

Your total fee will be your base registration rate plus any additional fees. It will differ depending on:

  • The age of your vehicle.
  • The length of your renewal.

For a full list of registration renewal fees, visit the Montana Department of Justice website.

Base Registration Rates

Your base registration fee will be based on the age of your vehicle and include the 3% administrative fee.

Light vehicles (cars, pickup trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles):

  • 4 years old or less: $217.
  • 5 to 10 years old: $87.
  • 11 years old or more: $28.

Additional Fees

Your total registration renewal fees will be calculated as follows:

  • 12-month registration:
    • Base registration rate.
    • County option tax.
    • All other registration fees.
    • Special plate fees (if applicable).
  • 24-month registration:
    • Base registration rate.
    • County option tax.
    • All other MT registration fees (excluding the license fee for each 12-month period).
    • Special plate fees for the 24-month period (if applicable).
  • Permanent registration:
    • $87.50 fee.
    • $10.30 Montana Highway Patrol salary/retention fee.
    • County tax, $6 optional state parks support, special plate fees, (light trucks, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) fees.
    • $10.30 insurance verification fee (with existing plates).

NOTE: Light vehicles with license plates requiring yearly registration (e.g., national guard, reserve armed forces, amateur radio, collegiate, and other specialty plates) cannot be registered permanently.

State Parks Fee

If you're renewing vehicle registration for your light vehicle, you will be charged a $6 state parks fee automatically.

If you elect to opt out of paying, you must visit your local Montana county treasurer’s office to indicate you will not use your vehicle to visit state parks or fishing access sites.

You will need to bring a Waiver of $6 for Use of Montana State Parks and Fishing Access Sites (Form MV119).

Duplicate Registration or License Plate

To apply for a duplicate Montana registration decal or license plate, visit your local MT county treasurer’s office in person and:

  • Provide your MT license plate number (or show your vehicle title).
  • Submit payment for the applicable fee:
    • Duplicate decal: $1.
    • Duplicate plate (same number and type of plate): $15.45.
    • Replacement plate fee (new plate number): $12.36.


Waiver of $6 for Use of Montana State Parks and Fishing Access Sites
Request to waive the registration fee associated with using Montana's state parks and fishing access sites if you don't plan on taking your registered vehicle to those locations.
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