Motorcycle Registration in Montana

To ride a motorcycle in Montana legally, you'll be required to register it with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Both street and off-highway motorcycles are required to be registered.

Use this guide to learn more about motorcycle registration in Montana.

New Montana Residents

Upon establishing permanent Montana residency, you must register your motorcycle within 60 days. Since titling your motorcycle will also be required, you can usually title your motorcycle when you register it.

To register your motorcycle, visit your local country treasurer's office with:

Temporary Montana Residents

If you plan to work in Montana temporarily, you must obtain Montana license plates and registration for your off-highway or street-legal motorcycle. Keep in mind that you must display these Montana license plates along with those from your permanent state of residence.

You'll pay permanent registration fees, regardless of how long you will work in the state; HOWEVER, you may choose to register your motorcycle quarterly, rather than for an entire year.

To register, head to your local county treasurer's office and:

Registering a Montana Motorcycle

Dealership Purchases

When you purchase a motorcycle at a Montana dealership, the dealership will send the required documents for titling and registration to your county treasurer's office for you. Make sure before you leave to confirm that no other information or additional steps will be required on your part.

The fees associated with titling and motorcycle registration will often be included in the purchase price—see MT Motorcycle Registration Fees below for a breakdown of what you may owe.

Private-Party Transactions

If you've purchased a motorcycle from another owner, you'll need to title and register it in your name.

Visit your county treasurer's office with:

Motorcycle Registration Exemptions in Montana

Members of the military stationed in Montana temporarily are not required to obtain Montana motorcycle registration or license plates unless you obtain a secondary job within the state. You will be required to maintain registration in your current state of residence to avoid any fines or penalties.

MT Motorcycle Registration Fees

The cost of registration for motorcycles in Montana varies depending on if it is a street-legal motorcycle, an off-road motorcycle, or a quadricycle.

Keep in mind that registration for any of these vehicles is permanent. The fees associated with registration are only required to be paid upon initial registration, or if the motorcycle is sold to someone else.

  • Street-legal only: $53.25.
  • Off-highway only: $61.25.
  • Street-legal/off-highway combination use: $114.50.
  • Safety fee: $16.
  • Montana Highway Patrol salary & retention fee: $10.30.
  • License plate manufacturing fee: $10.
  • Duplicate license plate tab: $12.36.
  • County tax: Varies.


Bill of Sale Form
Use this Bill of Sale as a record of purchase when transferring ownership of a vehicle in Montana.
Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle
Apply for a new vehicle title with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.
Inspection Checklist for Motorcycles and Quadricycles
Complete a vehicle inspection and this corresponding checklist when registering a motorcycle OR quadricycle with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.
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