Motorcycle Manual in Montana

SUMMARY: Motorcycle Manual in Montana

The Montana Motorcycle Supplement (Form 25-1500) provides details about the rules of the road for motorcycle and other practices to help you learn how to ride safely. Be sure to study the manual before you take the motorcycle written test when applying for a MT motorcycle license or endorsement.

Keep reading for more details about the MT motorcycle manual.

Montana Motorcycle Operator Manual

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) provides the Montana Motorcycle Supplement (Form 25-1500) as a comprehensive guide for new motorcycle riders.

What's in the Montana Motorcycle Manual?

You'll read about the following topics in the MT motorcycle manual:

  • Traffic laws.
  • Group riding.
  • Proper body positioning.
  • Safety gear.
  • The dangers of drinking and riding.
  • Crash avoidance.
  • Motorcycle licenses and registration.
  • Dealing with mechanical problems.

The manual will also help you prepare for the motorcycle written test in Montana. For additional preparation online DMV practice test.

Apply for a MT Motorcycle License

To apply for a MT motorcycle driver's license, you must pass a written exam and a motorcycle skills test. You'll also need to:

  • Bring a registered and fully operational motorcycle (for your skills test).
  • Be at least 16 years old.
    • 15 years old, if you've passed an approved driver's education course.
  • Pay an annual fee of $0.52 in addition to regular driver's licensing fees.

Before taking your MT MVD written test, take some time to study the MT motorcycle manual, and then pass a motorcycle practice test for extra preparation.

For specific instructions, please visit our Motorcycle License page.

Montana Rider Skills Test

NOTE: If the roads are wet in your area, the testing location will not administer any driving tests on that day.

Depending on the Montana MVD office you are visiting, you may be able to schedule an appointment for your skills test. Otherwise, you can simply walk into the office and request a test.

If you've taken a Motorcycle Basic Rider Course, your skills test will be waived. You will need to add the motorcycle endorsement to your MT driver's license within 1 year of completing the course.

For more information about the Montana MVD motorcycle license tests, read the motorcycle manual.

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Motorcycle Practice Tests in Montana

Taking an online motorcycle DMV practice test is a good way to see how well you can remember important details from the Montana Motorcycle Supplement (Form 25-1500). If you can pass a few practice tests before the written exam, you'll be ready to apply for your learner's permit or motorcycle license in Montana.

Free Sample Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Question #1

In Montana, more than 50% of all crashes involve:

a) Driving at speeds more than 35 MPH.
b) Nighttime driving.
c) Old and/or worn tires.
d) Inexperienced riders with less than 5 months of experience.

(Answer: d)

Question #2

If you must stop due to a flat tire, you should:

a) Transfer your weight toward the good tire.
b) Brake on the good tire and pull over to a safe spot.
c) Relax on the handgrips.
d) Press both brakes for an immediate stop.

(Answer: b)

For additional Montana MVD practice test questions, please see Montana Motorcycle Practice Tests.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

While you're not required to carry motorcycle insurance in Montana, you may still want to protect yourself with a MT motorcycle insurance policy in case you're ever involved in a collision.

For more details, please see our Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in Montana page.

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