Motorcycle License in Montana

Montana is the Big Sky state, but it could just as easily be known for its open roads. What better way to enjoy the vistas, fresh air, and cruise-able highways than on a motorcycle?

To drive one in MT, you'll need a motorcycle endorsement on your license, and to get that, you'll need to work with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)—a subset of the state Department of Justice (DOJ).

New to Montana

Welcome to Montana! You have 60 days after officially settling in the state to transfer your license to MT—including motorcycle licenses or endorsements.

To do so, visit your local Montana MVD office and:

Additional fees may be required. Ask the staff at the MVD office for more information.

Retaking your written or behind-the-wheel tests is not required, but is left to the discretion of the Motor Vehicle Division office. Prepare to retake those exams, just in case.

Otherwise, you should be issued your new Montana license and motorcycle endorsement in short order!

How to Get a Montana Motorcycle License

To earn your motorcycle endorsement in Montana, you'll need to:

Read below to find out more on how to complete these steps.

Motorcycle Permits in Montana

You may never forget how to ride a bike, but it takes time to perfect the art—especially when that bike is attached to a powerful motor.

That's where earning your motorcycle permit comes in.

To do so, make an appointment at your local Montana MVD office, and:

  • Bring your Montana driver's license.
  • Pass a vision test.
  • Pass the written knowledge exam.
    • The Motor Vehicle Division has made the written exam not only mandatory, but difficult, in an attempt to lower the number of MT motorcycle fatalities. To pass it on the first try, you might want to check out a practice test.
  • Pay the appropriate motorcycle endorsement fee (see below).

Once all of the above is completed, you'll own a brand new Montana motorcycle permit. Congratulations!

Permit Limitations

Earning a permit is an important step, but, as part of the learning process, it comes with its own set of rules.

Montana motorcycle learner license holders must always practice with a licensed driver who:

  • Has a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Is in immediate supervision of the practice.

Your MT motorcycle permit will be valid for 1 year. If it expires before you take your motorcycle road test, you will:

  • Forfeit your permit fee.
  • Need to get a new permit, including:
    • Repaying the fee.
    • Retaking the written test.

Getting Your MT Motorcycle License

After practicing with your permit and feeling confident to proceed, you can go after your MT motorcycle license.

The only step left in the process is passing your MVD motorcycle road test, although you can skip this exam by successfully passing an MT motorcycle education course.

If you decide to stick with the Motor Vehicle Division, you need to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that the MVD does not test in inclement weather.

No motorcycle or equipment will be provided for the test. Further, the MVD has a list of requirements that the bike you test on must meet, which you can check out in the Montana motorcycle manual.

After passing the test, you'll be eligible for your official Montana motorcycle endorsement! Check with your MVD office for details on how to turn your successful road test into a new license.

MT Motorcycle Education Courses

The Montana MVD will allow you to waive your road test if you successfully pass an approved motorcycle education course.

Courses are conducted through the Montana Motorcycle Riders Safety (MSF). You can find more specific information:

After successfully passing the motorcycle education course, you'll be given a certificate of completion. Bring this with you to the MVD, and walk away with your motorcycle endorsement!

Motorcycle License Fees in MT

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division bases its license fees on:

  • How old you are.
  • How many years your license is valid.

In general, licenses valid up to 8 years.

A motorcycle endorsement costs an additional $0.52 per year.

The MT MVD has a fee chart detailing exactly how much each driver's license will cost with a motorcycle endorsement, which you can check out for more information.

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