Green Vehicle Laws and Regulations in Montana

Montana aims to protect the environment and enhance the air quality with a handful of green vehicle laws. These regulations include medium-speed and low-speed electric vehicle (EV) driving requirements and restrictions, auto insurance requirements for fuel-efficient vehicles and cars such as electric vehicles and hybrids that run on alternative fuels, and more.

Montana Vehicle Emissions Tests

At this time, Montana doesn’t require smog or emissions testing for vehicle registration or registration renewal—no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Still, you can find information about vehicle pollution and keeping the air clean over at our section on smog and emissions.

Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (EV) Access to Roadways

Montana requires low-speed electric vehicles (EV) to comply with Title 49, Section 565 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Low-speed EVs must also have the ability to reach a maximum speed of at least 20 miles per hour (mph) but travel no faster than 40 mph, as certified by the manufacturer.

Note that—by law—a low-speed EV can:

  • Operate only on roadways with posted speed limits of up to 25 mph.
  • Cross roadways with posted speed limits of no higher than 45 mph.

NOTE: You must have a low-speed restricted driver’s license to operate a low-speed EV.

For more information, reference Montana Code Annotated 61-1-101.

Medium-Speed Electric Vehicle (EV) Access to Roadways

By Montana definition, a medium-speed electric vehicle (EV) is one that:

By Montana law, you must:

  • Operate medium-speed electric vehicles only on highways with posted speed limits up to 45 mph.
  • Treat medium-speed electric vehicles as light-duty vehicles for the purposes of titling and registration.

For more information, reference Montana Code Annotated 61-1-101 and 61-8-377.

Montana Auto Insurance Requirements

You must abide by Montana's car insurance requirements regardless of whether you drive a fuel-efficient car or an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) such as an electric car or hybrid on MT's public roadways. However, you might be able to get a discount on your auto insurance premium for driving an eco-friendly vehicle and practicing green driving habits—depending on your provider, of course. Learn more over at our section on green driver incentives and remember, if your current provider doesn't offer such discounts, you can always shop online for a provider who does.

Keep Up with the Latest Montana Green Vehicle Laws

Keep in mind Montana’s green vehicle laws and eco-friendly incentives are subject to change. Therefore, bookmark and return to this page, and also check with both the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) and your local Montana Department of Justice (DOJ) office for the latest information.

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