Paperwork When Selling a Car in Montana

Paperwork Required to Sell Your Vehicle in Montana

Are you looking to sell a vehicle in Big Sky Country? If you'd like the lowdown on the process of selling a car in Montana, we've got you covered! Here we'll sketch out the basic process and also provide other relevant resources from the Montana Department of Justice's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Selling a Vehicle in Montana

When you want to sell your car in Montana, the first steps are all about gauging its condition, checking its current market value, setting a fair price, and then advertising to potential buyers. We cover all of those procedures and more in our Guide to Selling Your Car—check it out!

Once you've located a buyer, you'll sign off on the title, complete a small amount of additional paperwork, and remove the license plates.

Required Documents in Montana

To successfully complete the sale of a car in Montana, you and any other registered owners must sign off on the vehicle's certificate of title. Your signatures must be notarized.

If you have another person signing for you on the title in a power of attorney situation, he or she must include your name as well and write “POA" after his or her signature. Additionally, a Power of Attorney document should be included with the title.

You'll also want to make sure that any liens connected with the vehicle have been formally released. The lien holder can either complete a Release of Security Interest or Lien (Form MV37A) or provide a release of security interest/lien on letterhead with the pertinent vehicle details.

You may also choose to use a Montana Bill of Sale (Form MV24), which you can download from the Montana MVD website. On here you'll provide information including:

  • The sale price.
  • The year, make, model, style, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle.
  • The current odometer reading.
  • Both your and the buyer's signature.

For more information, visit our Bill of Sale in Montana and Montana Title Transfers pages.

Duplicate Montana Title Certificate

If you're missing your car title, or it's been stolen or damaged, you'll need to request a duplicate before you can complete your sale. You can do so by completing the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form MV7). This form can be completed online then printed out and sent to the Montana MVD's Vehicle Services Bureau.

All that's required on the form are basic details about the vehicle, such as its year, make, model, and VIN. You will also need to include your details and your signature.

There is a $10.30 fee for obtaining the replacement title.

Vehicle History Report

When you're selling a car in Montana, remember that there's a good chance that potential buyers may seek out a vehicle history report. This is an excellent resource for used-car shoppers, as it provides information on whether the vehicle in question has:

  • Been in an accident in the past.
  • Been involved in a theft.
  • Had significant repairs made.
  • A history of odometer fraud.

Read more about what a vehicle history report offers—and how it plays a role in car sales—on our Vehicle History Reports page.

Transferring License Plates After a Sale

Don't forget about your license plates when you're selling a car in Montana. Those plates stay with you, so you should remove them from the vehicle. You can transfer them to another car only if it's been registered with the MT county treasurer.

Forms for Easy Download

Release of Security Interest or Lien (Form MV37A)

Bill of Sale (Form MV24)

Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form MV7)

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Bill of Sale Form
Use this Bill of Sale as a record of purchase when transferring ownership of a vehicle in Montana.
Application for Replacement Certificate of Title
Request a duplicate Montana vehicle title from the MVD.
Release of Security Interest or Lien
Notify the Montana MVD that a lien has been satisfied and should be removed from a vehicle title.
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