Dealer Licensing in Montana

Montana requires a dealer's license if you attempt to sell a new or used vehicle that is not registered in your name; regardless if you are only selling one vehicle, you still must obtain this license. And even then, that license must be specific to the vehicle type(s) you are selling.

License Types

  • New Motor Vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, and light vehicles
  • Used Motor Vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, and light vehicles
  • New Recreational Vehicles: motor homes and travel trailers
  • Used Recreational Vehicles: motor homes and travel trailers
  • Trailers: semi-trailers and pole trailers
  • New or Used Motorcycles: motorcycles and quadricycles

To apply, you must submit an application to the Motor Vehicle Division's Vehicle Services Bureau in Deer Lodge (see below for contact information). All information on your application must be verifiable. Failure to provide this information will prolong the processing and/or result in rejection.

When submitting an application you must include:

  • Your business name and the personal information of every person who has a stake in the ownership of your proposed dealership.
  • Contact information of your insurance carrier and of your local insurance agent.
  • The geographic location(s) of where you intend to sell as well as verification that you have complied with all applicable zoning, planning, and business codes.
  • A diagram or plan displaying the geographic location, lot dimensions, and building and sign placements, along with two or more photos of each.
  • Proof of dealership certification.
  • A copy of general liability insurance.
  • A $30 application fee.
  • A $50,000 bond for dealership licenses covering new and used cars, trucks, trailers, and motor homes.
  • A $15,000 bond for a motorcycle dealer's license.
  • A $5,000 bond for snowmobiles, non-street legal motorcycles and quadricycles and boats.

For a more detailed list of requirements read the Montana MVD's General Information and Requirements for Application for a Motor Vehicle Dealer License (MV22) guide.

Contact Information

  • Vehicle Services Bureau
  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • 302 N Roberts
  • Helena, MT 59620
  • (406) 444-3661
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