Types of Special License Plates in Mississippi

SUMMARY: Mississippi Specialty Plates

If you live in Mississippi, you can choose from many specialty license plates, including vanity plates and general special plates. For those who are eligible, the state also offers military honor plates and antique vehicle plates.

Read below for helpful information about types of special plates you can apply for in Mississippi.


Vanity Plates in Mississippi

Vanity license plates are available in the standard MS plate design and can have up to 7 characters.

When you apply for a personalized plate, your custom letter/number combination will have to be approved by the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) before it is issued.

The MS DOR will NOT allow or approve combinations that:

  • Use profanity, obscenities, or other offensive language.
  • Are already in use.

Personalized plates cost $33 per year IN ADDITION to standard registration fees.

Special Interest License Plates

The Mississippi DOR offers several special interest license plates that are available to anyone.

Most of these plates have extra fees that you'll need to pay every year IN ADDITION to your usual registration fees.

The special interest plates offered by the MS DOR include:

  • Collegiate plates for in-state and out-of-state schools, such as:
    • University of Mississippi.
    • Louisiana State University.
  • Fraternity and sorority plates; for example:
    • Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.
    • Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.
  • School and district plates, such as:
    • Lanier High School.
    • Tupelo Schools.
  • Charity plates, including:
    • Autism Awareness.
    • Soil Conservation.
  • NASCAR plates featuring drivers and teams.
  • Military support plates.

Read below for details about special group plates, military plates, and historic plates, or visit the MS DOR website for a complete list of special license plates.

For details about disabled parking plates, see our Disability Plates & Placards page.

Fees for Special Interest Tags

The annual fees for specialty plates differ depending on the type of plate. You'll need to pay this fee PLUS your regular registration fees and taxes.

A portion of the license plate fees usually goes toward:

  • The organization featured on the plate.
    • Ex., the Mississippi Children's Museum gets a portion of the Mississippi Children's Museum plate fee.
  • A non-profit or agency related to the plate topic.
    • Ex., the Board of Animal Heath receives a portion of the fee from the I Care for Animals plate.

Special Group Tags in Mississippi

Special group plates are tags related to groups with membership requirements, such as occupational associations and service organizations.

Examples of special groups with plates include:

  • Occupational associations, such as:
    • The Realtor's Association.
    • Professional Firefighters.
  • Service organizations, including:
    • Shriners.
    • Knights of Columbus.

For a complete list of special group plates, and other specialty plates, see the MS DOR website.

These license plates often require proof that you are a member of the organization, such as a membership card.

Contact your Mississippi county tax commissioner's office for specific eligibility requirements.

Fees for Group License Plates

Fees for these license plates range depending on the plate and you'll also need to pay your regular registration taxes and fees.

A portion of your license plate fee will go to the organization itself or a charity chosen by the organization.

Military Honor Plates

Military license plates for all branches of service, wars, and medals are available from the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR).

The tags offered include:

  • Veteran plates, such as:
    • The Afghanistan Veteran plate.
    • The Vietnam Veteran plate.
  • Retiree plates; for example:
    • The Retired Armed Forces Air Force plate.
    • The Retired Armed Forces Navy plate.
  • Honor plates, including:
    • The Purple Heart plate.
    • The Air Medal plate.

Fees & Eligibility for Military Tags

To be eligible for a military license plate, you must present proof of eligibility, such as discharge papers or a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

NOTE: Military support tags are available to all MS residents. See Special Interest Plates in MS above for details.

Military veteran, retiree, and honor plates usually DO NOT have additional fees.

Check with your local MS tax commissioner's office for more information about eligibility and fees.

Antique License Plates

You can apply for special antique license plates if you have a vehicle that is at least 25 years old.

Available plates and their fees are:

  • Antique automobile plates: $28.
  • Antique truck plates: $28.
  • Historic motorcycle plates: $28.

The plate fee is paid only when you apply, not annually with registration fees.

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